Our Story

“We’re not interested in rules or convention. We’re interested in love, creating with authenticity. And the joyful expression of living life to shine just as we are.”

– Donda Mullis

The Raw Sugar story is a beautiful series of serendipitous moments, and an ongoing narrative of a shared passion for creating goodness in our world – all while living life by a code of love, kindness and authenticity.

Ronnie Shugar and Donda Mullis, the Founders of Raw Sugar, met very young and fell into a heart-thumping, awe-inspiring, all-consuming love. But, as fickle young lovers tend to do, they soon parted ways; each embarking on their own thrilling adventure of life exploration and self-discovery. Much like the great ideas of our time, the most precious love needs the right moment to thrive, and that moment—for Ronnie and Donda—was still twenty years to come. What neither of them realized was that their separation was really no separation at all, as their ideals and visions for the future aligned in a way that kept them traveling parallel paths… paths that eventually led them all the way back to one another. Where they belonged.

The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.

– Omar Suleiman

They rekindled their love, and put their shared beliefs of doing good, their common goal of living to inspire a sweeter world, to use – building a company with the goal of liberating authentic beauty and real change. A company built on love and passion. One that would help make the world that little bit kinder and inspire people to live from a powerful place of self-love and realness.

The Shugar Family has a long history in hand-crafting healthy bath and body blends –  taking a special, secret family recipe and passing it down for 50 years, from generation to generation, in sunny California. When Donda hopped on board the family business to co-found Raw Sugar, she added a healthy dose of soul and a little bit of spunk to a business already so full of heart.

Inspired by Ronnie and Donda’s love of living a natural, real and healthy life, Raw Sugar infuses these beliefs across the entire brand; from the formulation of products to the giving nature of the Raw Sugar Initiative. It is a brand built on nourishing our bodies with nature’s pure goodness and building a platform to support true, unfiltered beauty while uplifting one another.


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