The 3 Lifestyle Habits Damaging Your Skin’s Collagen

Collagen is a crucial part of what makes your skin healthy and beautiful.

A protein made of amino acids, collagen helps maintain your skin’s firmness and suppleness – and ensures consistent renewal of skin cells.

Collagen has become a bit of a beauty buzzword. Lots of experts are vocal advocates of marine collagen and indigestible powder, and lots of wellness-aholics around the world have been adding it to their morning coffees for its multitude of health benefits.

But collagen isn’t just a trend, it’s a vital component of youthful-looking skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

As nature would have it, during the aging process, our body’s ability to make collagen decreases. Because of this, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, so we need to work a little harder to keep things looking firm and glowing.

While you can’t stop the aging process, you can help stop your skin’s collagen from experiencing unnecessary damage. There are some everyday lifestyle habits taking a toll on your skin’s collagen production without you even knowing it. But fret not, these are completely avoidable – and with a bit of effort, your skin’s collagen stores will be topped right back up.


Sun exposure

You’ve been told that spending lots of time in the sun is bad for you your whole life, we know. But it’s true, and extreme sun exposure is really bad for your skin. One of the effects of UV damage is that it causes collagen to break down at a faster rate than it would naturally – resulting in what we know as wrinkles. You also probably know that UV damage causes free radicals. These increase the amount of enzymes working to break down collagen – depleting it of plumpness.

While you can’t avoid the sun all together, you can take steps toward minimizing its damage on your skin. Make sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat when you’re out, and ensure you’re applying a minimum of SPF 30 to your skin.


Not eating your oranges

Or your broccoli, spinach, sweet potato, and tomatoes. What do all these foods have in common? They’re all very high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C, perhaps the most well-known of the vitamin family, is famous for its immune-boosting benefits. But Vitamin C is an absolute magician when it comes to stimulating collagen production, and fighting off the bad guys that want to break it down.

Your body has no way of producing Vitamin C by itself, so you have to incorporate lots of it into your diet. Eating foods like oranges and lemons, dark leafy greens like kale and red and yellow produce will ensure a diet high in Vitamin C.


Not enough sleep

Lack of sleep impacts lots of areas of your life (hello, fatigue!) – and one of them is that is compromises your immune system. A weak immune system has negative effects on the integrity and production of collagen – accelerating the signs of aging.

The answer is ensuring you get a solid sleep every night of the week, and making sure that you’re keeping your immune system happy with lots of vitamin-rich foods.


Top 7 Healthy Easter Egg Recipes

Easter is one of the most indulgent times of year, and we’re so here for it.

From edible bunnies to creamy Easter eggs, it’s all chocolate, sweetness, and good times. And while we love us a little bit of indulgence, there comes a point in life where you just want to have your cake and eat it too.

What we mean to say it that you can enjoy your yummy chocolate eggs without your healthy-eating habits taking a major hit.

We’ve scoured all corners of the web and found the most scrumptious healthy Easter egg recipes you can make for ultimate enjoyment and minimal guilt.

If you’ve got the time, and the sweet tooth, give these a crack:

6 Spring Beauty Must-Haves For Healthier Skin & Hair

Spring is a time for renewal. The sun comes out, flower trees blossom, and your skin emerges from a whole season of hibernation under chunky coats and fuzzy sweaters.

But now, with temperatures heating up, it’s time to get your glow back on, sugar. See this season as a fresh start; a time to kick off a healthier, more nourishing self-care routine.

To get you started, here’s a list of 6 must-have items to get your healthiest, glowiest skin and strongest, shiniest hair yet.


Bounce Back Shampoo + Conditioner

Ok, so this is technically two items, so we’re cheating a little bit – but they’re just too good to not include them both. Spring is the perfect to time to Bounce Back – in your life, and your hair. A natural blend of Mango Butter + Agave + Carrot Oil, this set will bring life back into your hair; delivering weightless bounce, soft body, and beautifully hydrated locks.


Raw Boost

We’ve packed this hair hero with Coconut + Soy Protein to restore hair breakage and give you ultimate shine! Reverse any damage the cold weather did to your hair with this quick, convenient, leave-in treatment. It’s made to prevent further damage and keep your tresses looking luscious.


Moisture Loving Body Wash

Want your skin to smell like summer, even though it’s only just spring? Bathe your skin with our uplifting Watermelon + Fresh Mint Moisture Loving Body Wash for a luscious treat that will uplift just as well as it will hydrate. Get dry winter skin back to itself smooth self with this super juicy body wash. It won’t dry out your skin, but it will keep you clean from head to toe.


Sugar Scrub

What’s a sugar without her Sugar Scrub? Buff, polish and kick dead skin cells to the curb with this ultra renewing bad boy. A vibrant blend of sugar and stimulating Cold Pressed Lemon peel oil, this scrub will be out with the old and in with the new – so you can bask in enjoying your newly supple, silky-smooth, invigorated skin.  


Bath Fizzers

Drop, pop and fizz – then watch, and feel, the magic happen. Our Raw Coconut + Mango fizzers will soak away stress and tension at the end of a long day, leaving you feeling revived and ready to take on the new season. Enriched with vitamin E, Certified Organic mango, coconut, ginger and sunflower seed oils – this fizzer nourishes your skin just as much as it soothes your mind.


Simply Body Lotion

Top it all off with our Simply Body Lotion in Lemon Sugar – carefully crafted to restore hydration to thirsty skin. Invigorating your skin with plant-derived nourishment, this lotion softens your complexion with a healthy blend of Cold Pressed oils and healing Aloe Vera extract – leaving it brighter, bouncier, and incredibly well-moisturized.

The 5 Plants you Need for a Healthier Spring

Crazy plant lady? So are we. With their décor-boosting, room-lifting benefits – plants are the new art, and there’s no shame in hoarding them.


The thing is, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been shopping for your houseplants based on the way they look and what their maintenance requirements are. That’s why so many of us have fiddle leaf figs, they’re majestic to look at – and they barely need watering. It’s a win-win.


While those factors are still good to keep in mind, plants can have other, better, benefits: health benefits.


Your environment has an impact on your health just like your diet and exercise does, and plants can have major effects on your mood, your stress levels, your sleep quality and even your breathing.


Plants thrive in Spring, even when they’re indoors. If you put them in a sunny spot and give them the care they need, they’ll flourish. We’ve rallied up the 5 plants that are both good to look at, and good for you


English Ivy

Add some sweet rustic charm to your home with English Ivy. Not only is it reminiscent of days gone by, keeping it indoors means you’re unleashing its powers in purifying the air in your home. According to Allergy and Air, English Ivy is particularly good at absorbing mold in the air – giving you a cleaner, healthier environment at home. These plants enjoy a bit of sunshine and slightly dry soil, so keep it in view of a window.


Spider Plant

The spider plant’s superpower lies in its ability to remove formaldehyde from the air. Formaldehyde is a gas that comes from everyday things you bring into your home: paper bags, waxed papers, facial tissues and more. But that’s not all. Snake plants also help rid your home of carbon monoxide and other toxic air impurities.

These guys are pretty low-maintenance and don’t need watering often – just often enough to keep their soil slightly moist.


Boston Fern

They’re pretty, and they’re pretty good at keeping the air in your home clean. Boston plants are incredibly powerful in purifying air. In fact, they’re ranked in NASA’s list of air-purifying plants for their strength in removing compounds like formaldehyde, plastics, or cigarette smoke from the air, according to SF Gate.


Snake Plant

The beauty of the snake plant is that it absorbs CO2 and converts it into oxygen, allowing you to breathe easier. The best place for them is in the bedroom because they work at improving the air quality as you sleep. They’re also very good at removing a variety of toxic substances from the air inside your home. Another low-maintenance plant, the snake plant doesn’t need much attention – just a little bit of love.



Ah, lovely lavender. With its instantly recognisable aroma, lavender is a very effective stress-reliever with wonderful mental health benefits. If your lavender plant is in your bedroom, it could help you nod off easier. No matter where it is in your home, catching a whiff of lavender will help soothe restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

5 Best Breakfast Smoothie Recipes to Kickstart Your Day

5 Best Breakfast Smoothie Recipes to Kickstart Your Day

Busy in the mornings? Join the club, sugar.

Whether you’re an oversleeper, a snooze-button hitter, or are simply time-crunched after getting the kids out of bed, into their clothes, and onto their breakfasts – this one’s for you.

We know mornings can be frantic, but a frazzled start to day doesn’t mean you should skip breakfast.

While a low-and-slow omelette à la Julia Child might be out of the question, a superfood-packed smoothie certainly isn’t.

Smoothies are the easiest, and quickest, way to get a healthy breakfast in during the morning – no excuses.

And the best part? You can drink them on the go!

Here are our 5 favorite blender smoothie recipe ideas to kickstart your day.


Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

Isn’t it great that you can get a whole chunk of your five-a-day before 9am? This delicious smoothie combines the antioxidant prowess (and yummy flavor) of blueberries with the vitamin-packed goodness of spinach. We guarantee it’ll have you feeling fine and ready to take on the day. See the full recipe here.


Green Power Protein Goddess

After a go-to green smoothie? You’ve got it. This nutritional powerhouse is rich in This powerful green smoothie is high in calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and E. Plus, it’ll leave you feeling happy and satisfied for hours. Want the recipe? Get it here.


Nutty and Nutritious Smoothie

We can never say no to peanut butter. Combine it strawberries, banana, oats, and other goodies – and you’ve got yourself a super-filling, super nutritious start to the day. Don’t wait, make it now.


Energy Boosting Bae

Need some fuel in your belly? This energy-packed drink help you power through. It’s full of so much goodness, including protein, vitamin C, and antioxidants – it could even replace your morning caffeine habit. Get the recipe here.


Turmeric Morning Glory

If you like a little bit of spice in your life, you’ll love this little turmeric dream. Turmeric is jam-packed with health benefits – it’s full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and cardiovascular benefits, to name a few. We can’t think of a better way to start the day. Find out how to make it here.

Burn Calories Fast… Without Even Leaving Your Bed

You already know you don’t need to hit the gym to stay fit.

But did you know you could actually burn calories while lying in bed?

Yup. Burning calories in a horizontal state may seem like a dream come true (pardon the pun), but the truth is – your body actually works quite hard while you snooze away. In fact, you’re actually constantly burning calories during homeostasis – which is the process of keeping your organs and body systems functioning.

When you do the maths, you’ll realize your body can burn quite a bit even during periods of what may seem to be inactivity.

But if you want to melt even more calories without leaving the house, or the bed for that matter – here are a few pillow-friendly activates to incorporate into your routine.

If you do them consistently, you’ll be surprised at the wonders they can work.


Do some light yoga

Your bed is a comfy and cozy places to practice light stretching and yoga poses. Use the bedhead to hold onto and deepen your stretches. There are a variety of poses you can do, our favorites being the Happy Baby pose and the Supine Spinal Twist.


Read a book before bed

Bet you didn’t think reading could help burn off your dessert, but life is full of surprises. Not only is cozying up with a novel good for your emotional and mental wellbeing, it also burns calories – almost twice as much as sleeping! Why? Because using your brain requires energy. So next time you want to watch Netflix in bed to unwind, think twice and pick up a book instead.


Do some journaling

Before you nod off, pick up a pen and paper and write about your day. Perhaps you could jot down the things you’re grateful for, or create a to-do list for the next day. Doing this will help untangle the knots in your mind so you can get a sounder sleep, therefore ensuring less anxiety, sugar-cravings and stress-eating.


Breathe it out

You may have heard this before, but the eight-count breathing hack is one of the best things you can do before falling asleep. You simply breathe in for eight counts, hold the breath in your lungs for eight counts, and breathe out for eight counts. Doing this will also reduce your stress hormone, cortisol, which is linked to belly fat and sugar cravings. Cortisol also decreases lean muscle tissue, which is bad news – because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Therefore, reducing cortisol is key.


Relax your muscles

Perform muscle relaxation exercises under the covers to burn a few more calories. Lie on your back and place your arms at your sides. Start tensing and relaxing the muscles of all your body parts – progressively, starting with your toes. This will help with burning calories and sending you off for a sound night’s sleep.


Get Your Skin Spring Ready, Thanks to These 5 Products

If your skin is in need of a little TLC due to the season change, and you’re struggling to find the perfect batch of hydrating products, don’t give up, your winter skin can be saved. It just takes knowing what to put on it.

We’ve got your back! We know you want skincare products that don’t expose your precious skin to harsh chemicals! Here are our top five products that will make your winter skin look ten times better. From zero to hero, real quick.

Hero #1

Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal Simply Body Wash (Sensitive Skin)

The last thing your parched winter skin needs is a chemical-laden cleanser stripping it of its natural moisture. What it does need is a gentle cleanser that’ll clean and nourish at the same time. Our Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal Body Wash is a soothing lather of calming oats, rejuvenating sweet almond extracts, Cold Pressed oils, and healing agave that’ll keep your skin both clean and hydrated.

Hero #2

Bath Fizzer Lemon Sugar

What your skin needs most right now is to heal and re-energize, and our Bath Fizzer in Lemon Sugar will do just that. Enriched with essential oils, this fizzer will feed your skin fruit extracts, exfoliate, and invigorate – leaving you feeling like a new woman after every soak.

Hero #3

Raw Coconut + Mango Sugar Scrub

Scrub away the frosty days and icy evenings with our Raw Coconut + Mango Sugar Scrub. Exfoliation is key in getting your skin back to its well-hydrated self, and this nature-made scrub will slough away dead skin and scales like it’s nobody’s business. A skin-softening formula enriched with Cold Pressed fruit oils, it will leave your skin with a protective moisture veil – and a glow.

Hero #4

Raw Coconut + Mango Body Butter

Give your skin the ultimate moisture hit with a pure superfood smoothie made by Mother Nature. Made specifically to care for extra-dry skin, our Raw Coconut + Mango Body Butter is a creamy, conditioning blend of Shea Butter, enzyme-rich Cold Pressed oils and plant-based extracts that give dried-out skin the hydration it craves. A power shot of vitamin E and aloe vera helps heal dry, cracked skin, and Certified Organic coconut oil revives and brightens – so you’re all set for those glowy summer days.

Hero #5

Simply Body Lotion Sensitive Skin

Want weightless moisture during the day? You’ve got it. Like a comforting hug for dry, sensitive skin – this soothing, healing blend will keep your complexion hydrated without weighing it down. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and gentle infusions of vitamin-rich Blue agave, it’ll keep your skin feeling calm, happy and well-loved.

If you Haven’t Heard About the Latest Hair Care Craze, You’re in for a Sweet Treat

You may be well and truly immersed in 2019, but is your hair?

If you’ve been a bit too busy to be keeping up hair trends, don’t worry! We’re here to fill you in and you’re going to love it.

No, it’s not scrunchies (although we were all over that one), nor is it chic fedoras (not that we’d pass one up!). It’s, drumroll… hair clips.  

But not just any kind of hair clips…we’re talking about barrettes – and you’re about to start seeing a whole lot more of them on your feed.

It all started during Paris Fashion Week, where models wore barrettes to accessorize…and it was a hit!  So it looks like the Eighties’ renaissance trend is coming back!  

A favorite style has been stacking barrettes and pinning down your hair to hold it out of your face. Another way you could wear a barrette is at the bottom of a plait, or above a sleek ponytail.

Fashion and style is about having fun & barrettes add personality to every look! The best thing about barrettes is that it’s a low-maintenance trend and you can play around with the style. Brush your hair out, pop on a clip or two to keep it off your face and voila – you’re walking out with the Zoe Kravitz hair style!

Barrettes are simple & easy to pull off.  Take your pick and rock it, sugar!

Your Ingredient Checklist For The Perfect Bath

Essential Oils for Setting the Mood.


Set a positive and relaxing mood for your bath sesh. Essential oils have amazing benefits that can help improve your health and overall wellbeing.


It can

  • Relieve inflammation
  • Help you relax for a good night’s rest
  • Improve your psychological health


If you have a diffuser, pour a few drops of your favourite essential oil and let yourself seep into a deep relaxation state.


Foaming Baths that Help you Unwind!



Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Try pouring some of our soothing Foam Bath liquid into your bath, as the water runs, to make it bubbly and enjoyable. Nothing is better than dipping your entire overworked body into a hot, steaming bubble bath.


If you’re intrigued, try our Lemon Sugar Foam Bath, it’ll help you revive and recenter yourself. Want to be transported to a tropical island? Use our Foam Bath in Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut! Want to turn your bath into a luxurious smoothie? We’ve got our fan favorite Raw Coconut + Mango scent too!


Bath salts to help relieve aching muscles and dry skin.


Now that you’ve added a foaming bath to your sesh, add a handful of bath salts to maximize your R & R time. Bath salts have many benefits…You can use it to exfoliate your body or let it soak into the water, if you have achy muscles, it will relieve that too.


Candles to set the ambience


Instead of using a diffuser,  light up a candle. This is going to make your bath session extra calm and make it oh so pretty! It’ll be Instagram worthy & will gain so many likes!


A great book to get lost in.


The last ingredient for the perfect bath is a great book. After a long day at the office, you want to unwind and just get lost in a really fascinating book. Here at the Raw Sugar Living, we love a good romance or action novel that gets us flipping page after page!



Our Raw Sugar Living products are made with plant-based ingredients to give you the ultimate healthy skin care experience. We not only have bath & body products but also have a fantastic selection of hair care, lip care and personal care.


Do you have everything? If not, it’s okay! Head to Target to find all that you need for your next bath sesh.

5 Incredible Ways To Spend Me Time When You’re Burning Out

Whether you’re a hardworking mom or overworked professional, you deserve some me time! We look out for our Sugars, so here are 5 of our favorite ways to unwind and avoid feeling burnt out!


#1 – Set time aside to meditate

Picture this. Full schedule ahead for the week, a plethora of tasks to do and all you can think about is what you’re making for dinner.


Life is full on, but you still have to be present. Take 10 mins out of your day to meditate. If you need a little help, download an app like Headspace or Calm to walk you through a guided meditation. Meditating will help you to collect your thoughts and to recenter yourself.


#2 – Draw a relaxing bath that smells divine

Light an aromatic candle and grab an enticing book because you’re going to spend a good amount of time relaxing.  


Try a Foam Bath or soak your body into a relaxing Sea Salt bath! It’s the best way to have a little bit of fun and help you reset.


With a range of scents like Lemon Sugar, Pineapple + Maqui Berry_+  Coconut or Raw Coconut +_Mango, you will be on your way feeling zen and smelling divine!


# 3 – Get active and move your body

If your mind feels tired, don’t overwork it, instead get you body moving. Being active helps release tension and increases our happy hormones, AKA endorphins. Go for a short walk, align yourself with nature and breathe in that fresh, crisp air! Or if you are really feeling, hit the gym!


Either way, it’s important to get and stay active. Get your heart pumping and focus on yourself, because sugar, you are a 10!


#4 – Create a #SelfCareSunday routine

When you feel good, you look good! A personal self-care routine is vital when it comes to alone time. Dedicate a whole afternoon or night to yourself and give yourself some love with a self-care routine every Sunday.


#5 – Put your phone on do not disturb

The sound of silence is sweet, isn’t it? In today’s day and age, we have become so accustomed to our phones and electronics, the idea of unplugging sounds weird!


You won’t miss out on anything. It’s okay to check out for a little and be in your own presence without any devices. If you don’t like the idea of turning your phone off, hit the ‘do not disturb’.


Make your me time extra personal and at ease with Raw Sugar Living


We want you to live your best life, so check our range of hair care, body and bath care, lip care and personal care products that help you feel amazing and are healthy for your body!

A little Raw Sugar Love

Crafted and produced in sunny SoCal, Raw Sugar Living is a natural lifestyle brand on a mission to promote clean and healthy living through products that are good for the body and nourish the soul.

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