Imagine a world where any goal you had was achievable. Imagine a situation where your wildest dreams could come true. Imagine being able to change your life for the better.


The truth is, you can do it all – you just need to change your mindset.


Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck, is behind the ‘growth mindset’ movement. A growth mindset  basically means holding the belief that you can grow; that your potential is unknown and will never be something you can foresee.


Essentially, nurturing a growth mindset empowers us to start living the way we want to by eliminating the limitations we put on ourselves.


A fixed mindset, on the other hand, is the belief that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are just givens – that we can’t change them in any way. But a growth mindset is the complete opposite – it loves a challenge and believes anything is possible.


The best part is, instilling a growth mindset isn’t just an exercise for children. You can cultivate a growth mindset at any point in your life. Here are a few simple ways.



  • Get to know your imperfections


The only way to overcome your weaknesses is to embrace them.



  • Learn to love challenges


If something seems too hard, don’t dismiss it – take it as an opportunity to learn and grow.



  • Experiment with different ways to learn


Everyone learns differently so don’t ever get disheartened – keep trying new techniques.



  • See every failure as a learning


Failure is good. When you make a mistake or don’t achieve a goal, know that it’s a lesson learned.



  • It’s about the journey


Keep your mind on the learning process, not the finish line.



  • Celebrate your growth


Share your progress with others – it’s encouraging and rewarding.



  • Reward actions, not traits


Don’t label yourself or anything as ’smart’ or ‘capable’, label actions like this instead.



  • Achievement is about hard work


Talent alone won’t get you very far, but hard work will.



  • See the positive in criticism


Don’t get defensive if you’re criticised – try to listen and see it as an opportunity to grow.



Take time to reflect on your growth every day.



  • Take risks


If you’re too embarrassed to take risks in front of others, you’ll get trapped. Make mistakes openly and gain confidence in risk-taking.



  • Own your attitude


Own your growth mindset – acknowledge it, share it, follow it.



  • Use the word “yet”


You haven’t done that… yet.


So now, all there’s left to do is grow. Start cultivating your growth mindset and watch your whole perspective start to shift – for the better.