There’s something your hair should know- that natural ingredients have the power to transform strengthen, volumize & shine.

So whether your locks are dry, damaged, lifeless or you’re always waking up with a wild frizz – you best believe that Mother Nature has the cure.

Most nature’s best hair-loving ingredients are so simple and easy to find – they may just be sitting in your kitchen cabinet (or garden) right now.


Here are 5 of our favorites for a healthy, happy head of hair.


You may know it as the herb you pop into your roasts to make them smell out-of-this-world amazing, but rosemary has some unexpected talents in the hair department. If you’re experiencing a bit more hair loss than you’d like, or if you’d just like to grow your hair longer at a faster rate, rosemary can help with that. It promotes hair growth and won’t cause any side effects like itching.


  • Coconut

Ah coconut oil, what can’t it do? One of the many glorious benefits of coconut oil is that it helps moisturize your hair – giving it a jaw-dropping level of shine. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair follicle, strengthening it from the inside out and decreases the amount of protein it loses from everyday grooming such as brushing and drying.


  • Avocado

Another multi-talented ingredient, it’s no surprise that avocado is a wonder for your strands. Packed to the brim with vitamins B and E, avocado works to nourish, soften and add shine. If you’ve colored your tresses or spent a little too much time in the sun, avocado steps in to undo the damage – replenishing it with the moisture and strength it needs.


  • Agave

You’ve been using it to sweeten your smoothies and treats in a guilt-free manner, and now it can serve you in another way. A natural soothing agent, agave is a hair humectant which draws water to the hair stands, and works to inject moisture and glaze your hair with lustrous shine.


  • Almond Milk

With a whole laundry list of hair benefits, almond milk is on your side. High in protein and iron, it strengthens hair and prevents breakage and hair loss, while its fatty acids work to condition deeply and help bid goodbye to flyaways. With vitamins A, B, D and E – it’s also feeds your tresses tonnes of nutrients, softening them in the process.

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