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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.


The single most effective action you can take to combat climate change is to stop eating meat, or at least, eat less of it. Red meat is the real culprit, producing 5 times more emissions than poultry counterparts.  


You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but eating meat less frequently will significantly help the environment. Make it fun by declaring Meatless Mondays and Veggie Wednesdays.  Every meatless meal helps reduce your footprint. 



We don’t just mean put your tech away — we mean unplug the chargers too.  ALL electronics suck energy when they’re plugged in, EVEN IF they’re powered down. It’s called “vampire power.” Anytime a cord is plugged into a socket, it’s drawing energy – so although your device isn’t charging, you’re still contributing to your carbon footprint. Leave your electronics unplugged at all times, unless you’re actually using them.



Choose leg power over horsepower.  Public transport over individual rides.  Any time you choose to walk, bike, or take the bus – you’ll be making an easy decision with immediate benefits on the environment.  Not to mention, leaner, stronger legs are an added bonus. If you can’t avoid driving, make sure you make lists and group outings so you’re being more efficient on the road — and in life.  



Hear this: Plants absorb carbon dioxide.  Planting trees or a garden will clean your air, give you shade and nourish your body. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, planting some greens will absolutely reduce your carbon footprint. So get your hands dirty — whether it’s by planing some bee-friendly flowers, a few trees, or a vegetable garden. Mother Earth will love you for it.  



Whenever possible, try to eat local, in-season produce. Sticking to foods that are grown locally, in your own city or surrounding area, helps to reduce the carbon footprint created by shipping foods from elsewhere. The closer it’s grown to you, the better.   Shop local farmer’s markets or look for “locally grown” signs at your grocery store. The less that you food has to travel, the smaller your carbon footprint. 

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