Love wins.  

A 90 year old couple that were separated because of the Coronavirus were reunited. Upon seeing each other at their heartwarming reunion, they told each other how cute they were and haven’t stopped holding hands since.  See the video here:


Pangolins Are Now as Protected as Pandas.  

Pangolins, the world’s most trafficked animal, gets a reprieve as China gives them the same level of protection as the giant Panda and declares it illegal to use Pangolin body parts for medicinal purposes.  Pangolins have been teetering on the verge of extinction.  Read the full story here.


Drones Deliver Books to Keep Kids Reading!

 If a drone can deliver pizzas, why not books?  The COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools and public libraries across the United States, but a librarian in Virginia has thought of a creative way to keep kids reading, free of charge. The solution? Drones will deliver books of their choice straight to their door.


Selfless High School Senior Spends 10 Hours Straight Cleaning Up After Protests and This Happens…  
A high school senior in Buffalo, NY  was dismayed by damage done to his community after the protests left it in a wake of destruction.  Without wasting a minute, he went to work for 10 hours straight, cleaning up without any thought to reward or notoriety.  After his story got attention from the news stations, he was rewarded with a car and a scholarship.  Read the whole heartwarming story here:


John Krasinksi Arranges a ZoomBomb for One Lucky Hamilton Super Fan.  

John Krasinski of The Office fame, has been sharing “Some Good News” as way to highlight heroes and humor during the coronavirus pandemic.  Last week, he surprised a 9 year old fan of the musical Hamilton with a Zoombomb that included Lin Manuel Miranda and the original singers of the opening song.  He also gave the girl tickets to the show when it resumes on Broadway.  Nice surprise!   

Watch it here!