We’ve all seen images of dolphin returning to the canals of Venice. The holes in the ozone layer closing up. The space photos of clear skies over China and Los Angeles. The environmental impact of the global quarantine has been nothing short of inspiring.  The big question will be, now that we’ve seen how the world can heal, how can we keep it going? What can we do now, while we’re staying home that will positively impact our environment.  


Here are a few life hacks that you can put into play right now that can have a positive impact on not only your health, but on the health of our planet.  


  1. Eat more plants and less meat. Eating a plant based diet or cutting back on meat can have a large impact on the health of our planet. If you have a hard time cutting out all meat, start with beef and pork as they have the greatest negative impact on the environment.  


  1. Shop local farmer’s markets and community farms. We’ve gotten pretty good at locating alternate food sources locally so keep that going. Buying locally grown produce not only helps your community thrive, it helps by cutting back on all the shipping and fuel used to move food around the globe. 


  1. Use eco-friendly products — especially high-use soaps, and laundry detergent. Now is the time to take stock of the types of products you’re using. Clean up your buying habits by making a commitment to purchasing products that don’t contain harmful chemicals and instead, focus on plant based ingredients that come in eco-friendly packaging.  


  1. Evaluate your buying habits and consume less. This pandemic has brought about an unprecedented focus on what, how much and where we buy products. Shortages and the fear of running into people with the virus at the supermarket have got us all asking, do I really need to go out and buy this? Usually the answer is no. Become very aware of what you really do need and cut back on the unnecessary trips and purchases. In other words, less is definitely more for the environment.  


  1. Unplug and use less energy. If your chargers are plugged into the wall, they are sucking up energy even when a device isn’t connected. It’s called vampire energy. Unplug anything that isn’t actively charging.