We knew there was a reason why singing in the shower felt so good!

At Raw Sugar we love a good karaoke session, even if it’s in the form of a personal shower concert… Basically, any event where we can sing at
the top of our lungs and feel giddy about it, we love it.

So if you, like us, are eager to know what exactly about singing out loud is good for you, then read on! 

Image via Jolie Dawn Pinterest

1. Feel Happier

When you sing out loud your body releases endorphins and increases levels of oxytocin, meaning your mood is lifted and you feel happier. Singing with groups of people or in choirs once again heightens these sensations as well as increases the feeling of bonding and trust. All the more reason to keep those vocal chords warmed up!

2. Improve Lung and Heart Health

Leave your sneakers at home and break out the hairbrush! Singing out loud can use a range of muscles, as well as improving circulation at the same time. Singing can also reduce the risk of heart disease as it can help you relax as well as regulate your breathing.

Image via @nachoavgblondies

3. Live Longer

Due to the endorphins being released by your body and the feel good nature of the act, singing out loud can lead to better mental health and improvement of your well being. Feeling happy and relaxed is a large part of being healthy, so now you’ve got an even better reason to crank up the volume!

4. Build Relationships

Singing with friends on nights out, or more formally in a choir, can help you strengthen bonds and friendships with those around you. Singing can often be an emotional experience, so sharing this feeling and vulnerability with the people around you can build a connection with them.

5. Enhanced Memory and Concentration

The endorphins released during singing are the same as those that would be released during exercise. Along with feeling happy, singing can also improve the memory and increase concentration. Stress and anxiety have also been proven to be significantly reduced after singing. Time to pencil in a karaoke night!