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Whether you’re a long time user of Raw Sugar products, or are thinking about joining our mission, we’ve put together a handy list of why you should shop our from our skin and hair care line.

1. Our Mission

At Raw Sugar Living, our mission is to change the world for the better – one bar of soap at a time.

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in, and wake up with a smile on their faces, we are always looking for ways to positively contribute to the planet and its people. We believe that the smallest acts of kindness can make a real impact. This is why we developed our mission: For every product you buy, we donate a bar of soap to a family in need. In case you missed it, last week on May 17th we partnered with to donate 1,000,000 bars of soap to those in need. Follow us on our social medias to be updated on any of our future donations.

2. Available at Target

Do we need to say more?

Raw Sugar Living is exclusively sold at your favorite go-to destination! Now you can stock up on those trendy cushions while rewarding your skin at the same time. We’ve made a vow to make Raw Sugar available to everyone, and what better way than via Target! Look for the Bamboo Tops & White Bottles at your local Target or

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3. We use Cold Press Technology®

You’ve heard of Cold Pressed juicing, so why not quench your skin’s thirst with products that are processed through Cold Press Technology®? Cold Press Technology® allows us to maintain the integrity of the plant, instead of trying to filter it down to one part. This means you experience every pure and perfect benefit from the whole fruit! We preserve more of the nutrition, while delivering exceptionally pure, rich Essential Oils, Vitamins, Enzymes and Nutrients that nourish and vitalize your skin. The more the merrier!

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4. Delicious Formulations

“Keeping the good stuff in” means that our formulations are clean, healthy and pure… plus they smell amazing! Check out our formulations below:

Lemon Sugar – This is our classic formulation. The lemon’s spectrum of vitamins works to revive, illuminate and cleanse your skin while the sugar offers comfort and calmness.

Raw Coconut + Mango – A fan favorite, the Raw Coconut Oil works to restore moisture while nourishing your skin. The Mango uplifts and brightens skin tone. Together, these two become a pure but powerful fusion.

Vanilla Bean + Sugar – A sweet sensory experience, the Vanilla Bean is loaded with antioxidants that soothe and provides protection, while the sugar rejuvenates and refreshes the skin at the same time.

5. Free of Any Harmful Ingredients

Crafted in Southern California from nature’s purest basics, not only are Raw Sugar products animal cruelty free, but our products are also Sulfate, Paraben and Phthalate free.

Enjoy the #Rawlovin