It’s no secret moms are superheroes in disguise. School runs, household chores, sleepless nights, sick kids and more – the list goes on and on.

It’s safe to say that moms do NOT stop! So, we’re giving you 5 tips that will help you get that much needed ‘me time’ that you think you don’t have!

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1. Early Starts

Early starts don’t have to be so hard, they will actually change your perspective on life and make you a MUCH happier person. The secret is simple! Go to bed early, so that you can rise before the rest of the family to give yourself space and time to settle into the new and amazing day that awaits you. Not only will you get to enjoy your much deserved ‘me time’ but you will also benefit from having better productivity, overall mental health and improve your sleep quality. What do you say? We hope you get to bed early to enjoy that ‘me time’ that awaits in the fresh, positive morning.

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2. Nap Time

Who said nap time was just for toddlers? Seriously, sneaking in a nap or mini meditation when the kids have theirs is the ultimate self-care tip we can give you for getting rejuvenated and energized! Doing this will increase your alertness, relax every muscle in your body and get you your much deserved rest and alone time! Have the nap- you’ll thank us later.

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3. Hobbies for the heart

What makes your heart sing (other than being an amazing mother)? Do something that is just for YOU. It can literally be anything; Like painting art, singing at the top of your lungs, or doing a workout like yoga. Be sure to practice that one thing that makes your heart sing and fuels passion through your body. Make it a daily routine and call it “mommy hobby time”, so that everyone knows that it’s your alone time. Just remember happy mom = happy kids! So, make that time for yourself.

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4. Work that body

Yes! Get moving, increase your body’s activity with a 30-min workout (no excuses, you do have time, so make the time). Making a daily habit of a mini workout will reduce your stress levels, give you an energy burst and improve your self confidence. Get ready to rock each and every day filled with energy and positivity.

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5. Read

Ahh, it’s that time again- 50 shades of me time! Don’t worry about the dirty dishes in the sink, grab your favorite book and immerse yourself in it. Just give yourself 30 minutes to relax and catch up on a little reading. Relaxation is self-care at its best!

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Now it’s time to put it all to practice- Go on, you deserve all the #Rawlovin you can get.