People are always saying that we need to eat healthier by eating more fruits and vegetables. Well, with the availability of fruit and vegetables becoming even more abundant in our supermarkets and farmers markets, it can sometimes be an overwhelming task for people to pick just a few that are beneficial. Never fear, we’ve put together our top 5 fruits and vegetables that will help regulate your metabolic system and overall digestive health:

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  1. Broccoli


Broccoli and cruciferous vegetables (including kale, cauliflower, cabbage etc) contain beneficial sources of fiber, vitamins C, E, and K, folate, minerals and more. The easily accessible vegetable also contains metabolites, known as glucosinolates, which are broken down by microbes in our bodies and releases beneficial substances that can reduce inflammation and the risk of bladder, breast, colon, liver, lung, and stomach cancer – It’s the mean, green fighting machine!

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  1. Bananas


Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and B6, the unsuspecting banana is one of the heavyweights when it comes to nutritional benefits found in fruits. Often recommended for an upset stomach, the banana’s high levels of potassium and magnesium helps to reduce inflammation in the digestive system and also to maintain harmony within you body among the microbes in the bacterial community.

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  1. Beans


Often an affordable option when it comes to vegetables, beans or legumes are a great source of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Consuming beans on a regular basis can assist your body in releasing short-chain fatty acids that work to strengthen the cells in your intestine, improve absorption of micronutrients, and help with weight loss. Affordable and versatile – That’s sure to tick all the boxes!

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  1. Artichokes


Once you get your head around the cleaning and prepping process of an artichoke; you’ll be able to reap the huge amount of health benefits associated with this vegetable. Artichokes are also a great source of protein and are high in inulin, which has strong prebiotic potential – This means they are great for your metabolism!

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  1. Blueberries


Often labeled a “superfood,” blueberries are sweet, nutritious and wildly popular; And for good reason! Blueberries and other berries (such as raspberries and blackberries) are a great source of vitamin C, which helps protect cells against damage and helps in the absorption of iron. Blueberries also contain properties that can modify the microbiota in your intestines, which enhances immune function. Oh, and we can’t forget that they taste delicious!