What does happiness mean to you? Happiness is being content and satisfied within our everyday lives. We’ve put together a list of 5 simple and easy ways to bring some extra positivity and enjoy the happiness that life has to offer!

  1. Spend Time with Loved Ones

An oldie, but a goodie! Getting together with family and friends is the perfect recipe for a good time. When we bond with others, our body releases endorphins, meaning we are left feeling happy and less stressed. Surround yourselves with those who make you feel good about yourself!


  1. Take Care of You

We mean both physically AND emotionally! You may be taking care of one aspect, but are you taking care of both? Self care is one of the most important ways to achieve of happiness. Most people don’t always recognize just how important taking care of one’s self is. Staying healthy (both physically and emotionally) requires time, patience and dedication to yourself…treat yourself as you would treat your loved ones. Make ME time a priority!

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  1. Get Outside

Yes this can mean exercise, but it doesn’t need to be! Sometimes it may just mean stepping outside of the daily routine and taking a moment to pause, step back and appreciate mother nature. It’ll help you clear your head, which helps you to relax and enjoy the moment. Whether it’s the exposure to Vitamin D, the calm of the outdoors, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, researchers agree that even something as simple as taking a walk in nature can significantly reduce stress.




  1. Think Positively

Encourage yourself. How? Simple steps like keeping up motivation levels by rewarding yourself, can make a world of difference when it comes to thinking positively. You are your biggest cheerleader, and by thinking positively, you’re giving yourself the best chance at succeeding. In tough times, try and look at the positive side of things – it will help you move up and above to where you need to be!


  1. Be Kind

Being kind can mean anything. A simple smile to a stranger or volunteering your spare time to the local shelter are ways of being kind. Think about your everyday actions and what you can do to focus on those around you. How has someone’s kindness positively affected you? Being kind, is a simple and easy action that can boost someone else’s happiness, therefore returning the feeling…Remember that popular saying: ‘smiling is contagious’.

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