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5 Things you Need to Know About Raw Sugar’s Body Lotion

There’s a reason everyone talks about our body lotions.

Actually, there are five of them.

Our body lotions are your skin’s best friend and biggest cheerleader – from head to toe. They work so hard, do so much, and smell so good! At least that’s what the instagram comments and product reviews tell us.

If you’re using our body lotions daily, you’ll notice your skin is firmer, softer, healthier and more hydrated. If you’re not, you need to hit the personal care aisle, pronto, because your body-love routine is about to get a reboot.

They’re ColdPressed for Optimum Skin Nutrition

When you massage in a Raw Sugar body lotion, your skin is literally sipping on a superfood smoothie. With natural fruit and vegetable extracts processed through ColdPress Technology®, our lotions benefit from a higher nutritional content due to maximum vitamins and nutrients being extracted through the process.


They’re Smoothies for the Skin

When you hit the smoothie bar, you pick your favorite flavor – and you do exactly the same thing when picking up a Raw Sugar lotion.

Whether it’s a healing and hydrating blend of Raw Coconut + Mango, invigorating Lemon Sugar, gentle and soothing Green Tea + Cucumber + Aloe Vera, or calming Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal – you’ll love whatever you pick from our menu.

They’re Healthier for You

Raw Sugar lotions are simply kinder to your skin. Packed with pure, wholesome, plant-derived certified organic extracts – our lotions nourish both the body and soul, from the outside in. Naturally sourced, our lotions are completely free of harsh chemicals – no sulfates, parabens, phthalates or dyes. We don’t test them on animals either, so they’re totally vegan and cruelty-free. We call it skincare you can feel good about.

There’s Two for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin? No worries. Swerve dryness and dodge reactions by choosing our ultra gentle, soothing, skin-loving lotions specifically designed for delicate skin. They’re created with particularly kind ingredients that more gentle on your skin – ingredients like aloe vera, oatmeal and cucumber, which are universally known for their sweet-tempered nature. We got you, sensitive-skinned Sugars.

They’re Full of Heart

When you choose a Raw Sugar lotion, you’re doing a little bit of good for others. We believe that healthy and natural personal care products should be accessible to anybody and everybody. So, for every Raw Sugar lotion (or any Raw Sugar product, for that matter) that you buy, we donate a bar of soap to a family in need. It may seem small, but it’s the little things that ladder up to making a big difference.

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