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5 Ways To Feel More Positive

Image via Pinterest Dark

Here at Raw Sugar we’re all about thinking and feeling positive. Positivity helps improve brain function and quality of life. Here’s how to get on board!

Be Kind

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing. In fact you’d be surprised how much it can change people’s attitudes, including your own.

You may have heard the saying it’s a dog eat dog world, but putting down the people around will actually do you more harm than good. Not only does being kind to others mean that you’re able to develop a stronger bond within your friendships and family circles, but it also means that you’ll feel better about yourself. Your values and morals are what makes you who you are, so choose to keep them positive!

Give Back

There are many way to give back to others. Whether it’s volunteering for a charity organization, helping out at a community event, or donating anything that you may have to those in need, there is always some way that you can give back. Sit down and think… what can you do for others?

Whether it’s making a donation or giving your time, everyone can find something to share with those in need. Small gestures really do go a long way. Something that may seem small to you, can mean so much to others.

Practice Gratitude

Sounds simple enough, right? How often do you sit down and really think about the things you are grateful for? Sometimes the smallest things in your life need to
be appreciated. Stop for a second, slow down, and smile. Be grateful for the roof over your head, that warm meal you just had for dinner, and for your family and friends. Things that may seem small, can have huge impact on our lives.


We smile when we are feeling happy, like when someone makes a joke or takes a picture. So why not smile more often? Science has shown that the mere act
of smiling can lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and possibly even prolong your life. It’s so simple, right? You can even change the way others feel when you smile. It is, after all, human instinct to mimic others.
Image via @alexisjadekaiser

Help Others

Take a look and observe how you can help those around you. Does that old person need help crossing the
street? Is that person having problems with directions? No matter how grand or small your gesture is, a good deed goes a long way. Not only will you change that
person’s day, but you’ll see that it really doesn’t cost you anything to give attention to the world around you. You might even find the beauty in it.
Image via @iindiefoxx

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