It’s Valentine’s Day season, and love is the word on everyone’s lips.

We’re big believers in the notion that love should be observed in all forms. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, fresh off the market, or completely spoken for – the kind of love we can all celebrate and nurture this Valentine’s season, is with the person we spend most of our time with: ourselves.

Self-love isn’t about lighting a candle and allowing yourself some ice cream (although that does help). It’s about building a healthy, unshakeable, supportive relationship with yourself. Practice being encouraging and motivating about the things you can change, and positive and empowering about the things you can’t. It’s about being kind.

If you think your self-love muscle could do with a little bit of flexing, here are 6 easy ways to show yourself some love.

Clear out the Clutter

From your brain, and your life. Pick a place that’s always made you a little bit anxious – Maybe it’s your bedroom, wardrobe or desk at work. Tidy it up to the point where it feels organized – It’ll make you feel a little bit lighter. Clearing away clutter not only helps us feel more at ease with our external environment, but it also helps clear our minds too.

Find a Healthy Beauty Ritual

Nurturing your body with healthy, eco-friendly, skin-loving products will make you feel amazing from the outside in. Create a beauty ritual for morning, night, or both – It will act as a relaxing and rejuvenating part of your day. Make sure you’re also choosing products that are designed specifically to make you feel good, like Raw Sugar’s ColdPressed line of Personal, Beauty, and Hair Care.

Start Meal Prepping

It may not seem like a big deal, but having your meals ready to go for the week can take a lot of stress out of your day, and it gives you more time to do the things you love. Make a menu of healthy options that’ll make you feel energized – you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Write Yourself a Love Note

It may seem silly at first, but documenting the things you love about yourself can actually work wonders for your selfesteem. Think about it, when do you ever take the time to stop and consider what you appreciate, or admire, about yourself? Probably not very often. Get onto it, pronto.

Try Meditating

Give yourself some time to focus on you, your thoughts, and the quiet. It may seem intimidating, but meditating is a wonderful way of getting to know yourself and your feelings a little bit better. If you’re short on time, there are lots of great apps you can download that guide you through meditation in as little as 10 minutes. Try it – it’s totally worth it.

Take a Social Media Detox

A lot of what you see on your Instagram feed isn’t real – so it’s good to take a break and re-connect with the world around you. Instead of scrolling, try strolling – go for a walk in nature, a swim in the ocean, or even a quick walk around the block. It’ll make you feel ten times better than mindlessly watching stories, we promise.