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7 Little Things You Can Do To Up Your Motivation Levels

Image via @rougewithlove

Most people are likely to tell you that their life goal is to be happy.

Many people will spend their whole lives trying to find what it is that makes them happy. The secret? It’s the old tried and tested formula of setting goals and achieving them. Sounds simple enough right? It is, but if you, like us, need some motivational tips to get you there, then we have of some helpful pointers below.

1. Set Goals

What are your goals in life? Whether they be work oriented, family life or even just personal, it really helps if you can narrow down exactly what your goals are in life. Once you’ve imagined these, it generally helps to write them down and break them up into smaller manageable goals. Visualizing your smaller, short term goals is key in crossing the stepping stones to your overall long term goal.

2. Use Your Support Network

Your family and friends are one of the most valuable sources of inspiration and motivation. Many times they can see what we sometimes cannot. Talk to them, listen to their advice, and ask
for help and support when you need it. Doing things together with the people we love can be more productive and inspiring than doing it alone. Two heads really are better than one!

Image via @aerie

3. Reward Yourself

Feel good about achieving the goals you have set for yourself, even if they are small ones! You’ll feel motivated and positive about your overall goal (especially if it means there is a reward).
Think about every other time in life you have received a reward or recognition for reaching an accomplishment or a personal achievement… this shouldn’t be any different. Plus
you know exactly what gift to give yourself!

4. Keep Track of Your Progress

Working toward a goal can be exhausting, especially if you’re aiming big! You may be achieving your smaller goals, but if you’re not recording your progress, so that you can visualize the bigger picture, it may all feel like it’s never ending. Stay motivated by recording milestones and hiccups in your goal achieving process. You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it!

Image via Dasha Cobakina Pinterest

5. Find Inspiration

It really is the little things that make the biggest difference. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life. This can apply for your short term goals. Although they may not be ultimate goal, they are a step towards your big vision. You deserve to enjoy and savor that moment. Take time out and think about the bigger picture, it will motivate you to appreciate things more everyday.

6. Think About It Daily

Write it down, stick it on your wall, or mount it on your fridge. Visualizing your goals and writing them down is a great way to stay motivated. It’s essentially a reminder of what your goals are. Take the time to think about why you’ve chosen your goals and how it’ll make you happier. Sometimes a small daily mantra or personal reaffirmation is all you need to keep you motivated.

Image via Michelle Kenney Pinterest

7. Stick With It

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Always remind yourself that there is always room for improvement. Do not give up on yourself! Yes we may sometimes fall short of our goals, but it doesn’t mean we should give up. Consistency is key and once you start embarking on your vision, you will start to see all the small pieces fit together. Give it time and you will get there.

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