If you’re not exactly thrilled by the thought of hitting the cleaning product aisle and reaching for bottles with ingredients so complex they’re hard to pronounce, then don’t stress! We’re here to help make your cleaning habits a little healthier with more eco-friendly DIY products!

There are lots of basic ingredients you can use to make natural, non-toxic cleaning products that are safer for your family and pets – and friendlier to your bank account.

The best part is, these DIY’s are completely effective – they’ll leave your windows glistening, your floors sparkling, and your couches free of food stains. From dish soap o grout cleaner, you’ll be amazed at how easy these simple concoctions are to make. You ready to roll your sleeves up?


Here are 7 of our favorite all natural DIY cleaners:





Carpets can be tricky to keep fresh. You can’t exactly mop them, nor can you throw ‘em into the washing machine. Instead of spending your pennies on an expensive steam clean, try this all-natural dry solution instead. Simply sprinkle it over your carpet, let it soak in, and them vacuum it up. And don’t worry, it’s totally safe for pets and little ones.





Vinegar has incredibly powerful cleaning and disinfectant properties. Its effectiveness measures up to any commercial cleaner, minus the toxic ingredients and harsh aromas. This all-purpose solution will be your new go-to household cleaner – and with a hint of essential oils, it’ll make everything smell fresh and amazing.





Grease-fighting dish soaps are full of unknown ingredients, so making your own will give you peace-of-mind that you’re eating and drinking from clean, healthy surfaces. Make a big batch of this great recipe and it’ll cost you only a few cents per bottle.





Lots of bathroom cleaners contain bleach, which isn’t what you want to be inhaling in your home. Make cleaning between the tiles less of a chore with this wonderfully effective grout cleaner – made from just a few natural ingredients.





Get your windows squeaky clean with this super clever cleaning agent. Free of toxins and nasties, it’s easy to make and will leave your glass windows streak free and sparkling.





Have timber floorboards in your home? Keep them clean without damaging the wood with this great DIY solution. It’s made with just a handful of ingredients and works an absolute treat.





If you, or someone in your family, has sensitive skin – traditional laundry detergents could be causing irritation or redness. Make your own natural, gentle formula instead. It’s tough on dirt but soft on delicate skin.