7 Things You Didn't Know About Lemons That Will Unleash Your Inner Glow

At Raw Sugar, we know all about the nutritional skin benefits that come from lemons. (This is why our Lemon Sugar formulation is a fan favorite!) Did you also know that we are big believers in consuming the fruit to maximize all those vitamin packed goodies, both inside and outside? Here are a few reasons as to why lemons are great to add into your routine:

1. Great Source of Vitamin C

You may have heard that our favorite citrus is packed with Vitamin C, but do you know why this is beneficial to our bodies? To put it in simple terms, Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of tissues for all parts of your body. This is why you should keep your Vitamin C levels consistent and plentiful! Plus, as an added bonus, lemonade is such a refreshing drink during the summertime!

2. Works Wonders For Your Skin

As stated before, we LOVE adding Lemon to our formulations. Why? Lemons work to improve brightness and detoxes the skin with its antibacterial properties. This makes it great for treating skin conditions like acne. Head to the ‘Shop Raw’ tab for more information on our Lemon Sugar products.

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3. Supports Weight Loss

Although studies on drinking lemon water as a method of weight loss remain unclear – Lemons are a great substitution for adding flavor to your meals or drinks, instead of using something that may be higher in sugar. Squeeze a lemon into your sparkling water for the perfect summer beverage!

4. Freshens Your Breath

Lemons can act as a natural alternative to mouthwash. The Lemon contains citric acid, which has antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. It’s a natural, tasty and healthy alternative to mouthwash. Isn’t that amazing?

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5. Helps With Digestion

Lemons contain polyphenols which are nutrients that are full of antioxidants. Polyphenols can help with digestion issues, weight management problems, diabetes, neurodegenerative illness, circulatory illnesses and so much more!

6. Great For Your Eyes

Lemons also contain Rutin, which maintains the strength and flexibility of capillaries in and around our eyes. Rutin helps maintain smooth blood flow to the retina (which is important for strong and sharp vision) and can help stop blood vessel illnesses in the eyes.

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7. Healthy For Your Body

On top of all the benefits for consuming Lemons, there are plenty of other positive impacts the fruit can have your body. These include decreasing blood cholesterol, alkalizing body pH, boosting liver function, boosting gallbladder function and so much more! Time to Lemon-up!

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