A Raw Sugar Guide to Wellness for Men.



With men owning their own health and even self-care rituals, a new awareness of wellness has emerged.  One that is gender-free, open, positive and transformative.  


For some time, women have led the charge in the self-care movement, but men are slowly coming to realize the impact of what taking time to care for themselves can do for their body, mind, spirit and overall well-being.  


Here are a few tips to guide men on their way to wellness. 


  1. Get More Sleep.  You think you can do it all, but sleep is the number one way our bodies regenerate and if you’re skipping it, you will have burn out.  Sleep is your best weapon in your quest for wellness. Protect it.  


  1. Your Doctor Misses You. Men are 70% less likely to seek medical attention compared to women.  Get your yearly exams. Find a naturopath to consult with, get your hormones checked. Being a human is not gender specific.  We all need the care of professionals to be our best.  


  1. Clean up your shower routine.  Skin is skin, no matter your gender and it absorbs 60% of what you put on it.  If you’re slathering your skin with products that strip you of your natural oils, or exposing you to chemicals that can be hormone disruptors, you’re putting your health at risk.  Instead use body washes, soaps and shampoos full of plant-based ingredients and botanical extracts. They smell better, they’re better for the environment and the potential health benefits are worth it.  Men love a good Win-Win.  


  1. Move. Stretch. Play.  Your body, mind and spirit need physical release.  If you can be out in nature, moving your body, doing something that makes you happy, your wellness graph will take a big spike in the positive.  


  1. Affirm yourself and practice gratitude.  Men aren’t typically good at this. They seem to push through without stopping to acknowledge all the amazing things about themselves or wait for someone else to point out their positives.  Begin to affirm your own self. Take note of all the good things you do and who you are. Be grateful for everything in your life. Your life really is as good as you think it is, so with a little tweak to your mental chatter, positive emotions and good vibes will take hold pushing you on to greater, happier, healthier overall wellness.  


Blog three: What to eat to feel your best!

Food is medicine.  Whether we like to think of it that way or not, what we eat absolutely affects how we feel.  Our energy level, our mood, our focus and even our skin. So with all the diet hype, what should you eat to make yourself feel your best?  


For most people, avoiding fad diets and just focusing on eating whole foods will do the trick.  It sounds simple, but once you begin to really look at what you’re consuming, you’ll be surprised at how much of what we really eat, isn’t in its natural form.   Cutting out all sugars, simple carbs and anything processed can drastically reduce brain fog, inflammation and is a top priority to having vibrant health.   


Your mantra should be if something comes from a manufacturing plant, keep your distance.  If it is a plant, go for it! Veggies, fruits, proteins and good fats should be the mainstay of your daily diet. Taking a probiotic should also be on the top of your list, as gut health is key to fighting inflammation and boosting your immune system.  


If you’re eating what nature made instead of man, you’ll notice a big boost in energy, vibrancy and mood that will help you look, feel and be your best self.  


One final note; be kind to yourself.  If you make a bad choice, acknowledge it, give yourself grace but don’t beat yourself up.  You are beautiful. You can make healthier choices and feel good. Know it. Believe it. And do it for you, Sugar.   You deserve all the good vibes that come from being your best self.