Amazing Reasons Why you Need Lemons in Your Life

When life gives you lemons… you better use every last drop! Here are some amazing reasons why you need to get more lemon into your life. Lemon is arguably one of the world’s most popular and versatile fruits, so it should come as no surprise that us humans have found some pretty amazing ways to benefit from this nutrition packed fruit.

Starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice can help alkalise the pH levels in your body, making it easy to breakdown food. This in turn, helps to aid and maintain your digestive system, while increasing your metabolism. When was the last time your cappuccino did that?
At Raw Sugar we know firsthand the benefits of lemon for your skin. The high levels of Vitamin C work wonders to detox and brighten. Try out Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub for the perfect pucker. Our combination of shea butter and lemon becomes the perfect duo to help exfoliate, smooth and condition dry, chapped lips.
The high levels of Vitamin C can even even help with asthma or other breathing issues, it’s super soothing!

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Lemon contains high levels of potassium, which help to ease and calm the body. So if you’re sick or stressed out from work, adding lemon juice into your daily routine can help to control high blood pressure, dizziness and even nausea.
Remember when mom used to spritz lemon onto your hair in summer? Well it might not really make your hair blonder but it’s been proven to help with dandruff, hair loss and even gives your hair a natural shine.

Lemon can even act as a cooling agent which can help reduce inflammations, scars or burns. This makes it perfect for your skin. Our Lemon Sugar Simply Body Wash & Liquid Hand Soap will invigorate you with cold pressed skin nutrition. This body wash will even help refresh your mind. Just another reason to add more lemon in your life. These powerful yellow warriors have even been used to help with so much. We highly suggest adding it into your daily routine!
How? Just head to your local Target & Meijer stores for some Raw Sugar Lemon Love. #RawThankYou
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