6 Reasons Why you Need to Try our New Hair Masque

Posted By Cherry Thongthavikiat on February 05, 2018

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Are you a bit puzzled as to why you might need a hair masque if you’re perfectly happy just using your shampoo and conditioner?

Please, allow us to guide you into the wonderful world of hair masques – and describe exactly why our new Healing Power Hair Masque is not just a haircare luxury, but a necessity.

And just a quick tidbit to remember, hair masques aren’t a new trend – people all over the world having massaging masks into the their locks for centuries!

1. Protection

We put our hair through a lot. There’s blow drying and straightening, curling and gunky product. There’s coloring and bleaching, and let’s not dismiss the damage that can happen from bad hair elastics. But, our Healing Power Hair Masque has come to the rescue. One of its main ingredients is Banana, which helps soften the hair and promote elasticity.

2. Growth

Did you know that your hair has it’s own personal breaking point? Everyone’s does. It’s the length your strands get to where they’d rather fall out than grow any longer. But the stronger your strands are, the longer your hair will grow before splitting. If you’re trying to get nourished, strong hair, our Hair Masque will help get you there. It is a deep, intense conditioning treatment – meaning your hair will not just look stronger, it'll feel stronger!

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3. Restoration

If your hair’s been feeling a little flat (or weak, frizzy, unmanageable, etc…), a Hair Masque can help restore it back to its happy, healthy old self. Made with nature’s most reparative ingredients and that are processed through ColdPress Technology® – our Hair Masque is filled with plant-derived oils that work super hard to nourish your hair, fast. Your tresses will come out of the shower looking visibly stronger and glossier. Yes, please!

4. Hydration

Hydration is key for healthy, shiny hair. The Avocado Oil in this Hair Masque is moisturization central – it helps hydrate and rejuvenate the scalp. A rich source of hydration that works to rejuvenate your hair. 

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5. Shine

Our hair masque is made with ingredients that boosts your hair's natural shine. Its bucket-load of hair-softening extracts deeply nourishes hair –and restores luster and shine


6. Manageability

Hard-to-manage hair can be hard to live with. It’s frustrating and time-consuming, and we can’t have a busy person like you fussing and fretting with unruly locks every morning. That’s where Hair Masque comes in – because masques are the unsung heroes in the realm of hair manageability, and ours is particularly powerful with its secret weapon of plant-derived ingredients – which creates softness, shine, and can help with detangling! It’s our little miracle formula is restoring balance and control to disorderly tresses.

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