Healthy Trends you Need to Know Right Now

Posted By Cherry Thongthavikiat on November 17, 2018

Self Care Everyday
It’s time to upgrade from #SelfCareSunday to daily #Rawlovin— 2018 is all about embracing self-care by incorporating those rituals into your day. As we begin to understand that through actively taking care of ourselves, we will be better equipped to support our families, friends, colleagues, and community, while leading you to a happier life. Self care isn’t just face masks and spa baths, it’s also other activities that help you to understand that “me-time” isn’t selfish, or a luxury, but a necessity. It can be just simply saying ‘no’ to extra obligations, watching your favorite TV show, having a healthy diet or exercising.
Evolve your self-care this year by incorporating healthy everyday rituals that helps to keep your mind and body balanced, energized and revitalized. First step? Time to unapologetically unplug. Get #Rawlovin Sugar!

Digital Detox
Take time to unplug and disconnect from the technological world in 2019. With smartphone addictions becoming a reality, it’s important to make IRL connections. put down the tech and disconnect from the Wi-Fi.
Ironically created to help connect us, technology obsession is now leading to increased stress, anxiety and isolation from constantly being powered up and attached. Try out some digi-detox weekends, switching on the OOO and go offline for timed periods – it will become a new norm. A welcome sigh of relief is expected from significant others everywhere who can finally eat their food while it’s hot.

Super Foods
So-called ‘superfoods’ — such as spinach, beans, sweet potatoes, salmon, fruits, nuts, whole grains and berries — are said to be rich in nutrients. Superfoods are mostly plant-based (just like our products) but also some fish and dairy — which is nutritionally dense, which is good for one’s health. More and more families are conscious of what they are cooking nowadays, making it a trend to be more healthy.

Clean Beauty (free of nasties)
Not only are we learning about the things we put inside our bodies that affects our health, but also what we put on our body. Clean and naturally-derived ingredients in beauty and skincare will continue to be popular in 2019. Our clean products are making their way into all beauty aisles across multiple retailers.
We passionately advocate the message that the skin, our largest organ, absorbs a pretty good portion of what we put onto it. From natural hair care (that actually work!) to makeup and skincare, nature inspired beauty will take over. It will be all about clean, high quality and safe ingredients that deliver maximum results.

We are going to see a rise in people’s conscious understanding about their Mental health and treating it like a beauty ritual. We’re talking about things like Yoga, Meditation and zen time. We advocate that ‘mindfulness’ is an important factor in one’s self care routine and holistic wellness. There are many benefits to meditation, like controlling anxiety, lengthening your attention span, and an overall great exercise for reducing stress.

Next time you’re at Target or Meijer store- Just Look for the Bamboo Tops & White Bottles for happy & healthy products to add to your home and beauty ritual.


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