Why Should I Use Products Made with Naturally Derived Ingredients?

Posted By Raw Sugar on September 20, 2022

The right beauty products can set you up for having shinier, more manageable hair and radiant, more youthful-looking skin. In addition to enhancing how you look, skin and hair care products can also promote stronger hair and healthier looking skin. When you opt for solutions that contain naturally derived ingredients, these benefits can be even more pronounced. Read on to learn the meaning of "natural" in natural beauty products and why they are better for many individuals.

What Are Naturally Derived Ingredients?

Naturally derived ingredients are what make a natural beauty product different from conventional products that serve the same purpose. Some originate with plants, while others are minerals or beneficial microbes. Products that are made with naturally derived ingredients often contain fewer man-made chemicals. However, it is possible for hair and skin care formulas to combine synthetics and naturally derived ingredients.

Do Naturally Derived and Plant Derived Mean the Same Thing?

Plant-derived ingredients may include oils that are obtained by: (1) pressing various parts of plants; (2) highly concentrated essential oils produced through distillation; and (3) other processes and nutrients isolated from plants, such as vitamin C sourced from citrus fruits. You will sometimes see plant-derived ingredients referred to as botanicals, herbal extracts or plant-based.

If an ingredient is referred to as plant-derived, it is also naturally derived. However, not all naturally derived ingredients are plant-derived. They may also be mineral-based or derived from beneficial microorganisms.

Do Naturally Occurring and Naturally Derived Mean the Same Thing?

Many individuals use the terms naturally occurring and naturally derived interchangeably, but the terms do have slightly different meanings. Natural can refer to naturally occurring, meaning that an ingredient is identical to how it occurs in nature. Whole herbs, cold-pressed vegetable oils and pink salts are examples of naturally occurring ingredients. They provide benefits in their raw states and don't need to be processed or altered in any additional way.

Naturally derived ingredients also have natural origins, but they have undergone a process to make them suitable for use by being modified or extracted using various techniques. Essential oils are an example. These oils are highly concentrated to enhance their benefits. To make them, producers may use a number of processes, such as dissolving plant matter in a solvent or distilling it with steam.

Benefits of Using Products with Naturally Derived Ingredients

Increasingly, individuals are turning to products with naturally derived ingredients to care for their hair and skin. Some benefits of these beauty products include lower eco-impact, gentler actions, effectiveness and affordability.

Lower Eco-Impact

Ingredients in conventional beauty products can take a toll on the environment, such as petroleum, aluminum and lead, which require mining or drilling that can damage ecosystems. Others give off harsh by-products that can pollute air, water and soil during production. Conventional beauty products may also contain non-biodegradable ingredients like microplastic exfoliating beads that contribute to waste in landfills. Many conventional beauty products are also tested for safety and effectiveness on animals, increasing their negative impact on nature.

Generally, naturally derived ingredients are more sustainable and less likely to cause pollution or add waste to landfills. Clean beauty brands are also often more committed to taking care of the planet. This means hair and skin care solutions are often presented in eco-friendly packaging. At Raw Sugar, most of our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled plastics to protect the planet, and all of our products are cruelty-free, meaning they are never tested on animals. Through our Raw Sugar Initiative, we partner with organizations that are making the world a better place. One example is Water For People, which supplies underserved communities around the world with clean water.

Gentler Actions

Many common ingredients in conventional beauty products are harsh and can trigger sensitivity reactions and irritation in people with sensitive skin. Examples include artificial fragrances, formaldehyde and petroleum distillates.

Naturally derived beauty products are less likely to feature these synthetics, making them a gentler option for hair and skin. At Raw Sugar, we keep parabens, sulfates and phthalates out of our products. Our unique fragrances also contain clean ingredients that meet European Union guidelines, which are known to be the strictest in the world.


High-quality, clean products that are made with naturally-derived ingredients can match or beat the effectiveness of conventional alternatives, allowing individuals with sensitive skin and those committed to a greener lifestyle to get results from the products they use on a daily basis. Raw Sugar pioneered Cold-Press Technology®, a method of extracting juices and oils from plants without using heat or oxygen. This helps to keep nutrients intact, so our products can be as effective as possible.


There is a common misconception about the cost of products that contain naturally-derived ingredients. With the advancements made in manufacturing, it's now possible to green your skin and hair care routine without increasing your beauty budget. Raw Sugar's clean beauty products are accessibly priced. In terms of cost, they're comparable to products from drugstore hair and skin care brands.

Discover the naturally derived difference for yourself by shopping the Raw Sugar collection today.

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