Savoring the Last Minutes of Summer.

We’re all wondering where Summer of 2020 went.  It wasn’t the vacation-filled, carefree season we were hoping for, but we can still savor the last minutes before Fall takes over and we’re in pumpkin-spice latte season and cooler weather.


Here are a few spontaneous ideas on how to make this Labor Day, a labor of love and a happy one.



  • Go old-school and turn on the sprinklers. Run through them with hair flying and shrieks of laughter.  A run through the sprinklers is good for the soul.
  • Make your own ice cream.  You can get an at-home ice cream maker for an indulgent treat, or go healthy and make some Nice-Cream with sliced frozen bananas in your food processor.  Throw in our favorite addition of strawberries, chocolate chips, a little honey  or peanut butter for an even “nicer” treat.
  • Play games.  Have a cornhole competition, play H-O-R-S-E at the basketball hoop, craft some old-fashioned games like a ring toss or water balloon toss.  Play. Laugh. Be silly.
  • Turn your backyard into a movie theater. Wait until the sun sets and create cozy blanket seating, make popcorn, eat Junior Mints and licorice and sit down and enjoy a good summer flick or vacation movie.
  • BBQ. It goes without saying that barbecue is on the Labor Day menu. Upgrade from burgers and hot dogs to in-season healthier choices to keep your immune system strong going into fall.  Grill veggies. Roast sweet potatoes. Make a berry trifle or stone fruit crumble.  Craft some sweet watermelon cocktails or refreshing juices.  Indulge. Enjoy. This is your time to taste the last sweet treats of summer.
  • Have your own mini-parade. Dress up in red, white and blue. Make paper hats and decorate them.  Find makeshift musical instruments and craft ribbon poles to wave as you walk through the neighborhood.  Everyone loves a parade!
  • Camp out back. Pitch some tents. Light some lanterns, make some s’mores, roast hot-dogs, sing campfire songs and tell spooky ghost stories. The simple act of sleeping under the stars is magic in itself.



Goals for 2020 ( how to make reachable goals)

The pressure is on to make resolutions, come up with your new year mantra and define your goals for 2020.  All well and good, until February hits and then where will you be. If you’re like 80% of the population, your resolutions will have already been broken and forgotten.  So how do you set goals that are actually attainable?  


The key is to think small. Instead of grand resolutions, try small micro-goals as a strategy. Setting smaller goals for yourself fosters success and puts you on the road to larger change.  Instead of saying you’re going to run a marathon this year, try creating a weekly training schedule and commit to running 4 times a week.


The problem with bigger, all encompassing statements is that they are erroneous and we don’t break down the actionable steps go in to getting us to our goals. Break it down and your chances to create permanent change are much greater.  


Don’t start the year expecting to transform every single area of your life.  By focusing on one or two key goals, you can really affect change on a deeper level and naturally, that is a catalyst for other positive changes to take place.  


So what small goals will you achieve this year?

Holiday travel hacks to stay refreshed and stress free 

Your plane is delayed. The two hour drive you planned turned in to 4. And you just realized you forgot the key code to your AirBnB.  Welcome to Holiday travel.  


So what can you do to stay sane through it all?  With a few simple travel hacks, you can take control of what you can and learn to let the rest go for a healthier, happier holiday travel experience. 


  • Opt for travel alerts. This is a game changer for cancelled or seriously delayed flights.  
  • If you’re traveling with gifts, don’t wrap them until you get to your location unless you’re going to check them with bags. TSA will likely have a blast opening them all and you don’t want to have to wrap twice.  
  • Stock up on your travel size, plane-approved self-care products because taking the time to treat yourself well while on the road will enhance your holiday and keep your spirits fresh. 
  • Pack hand sanitizer. Use it often! Planes, airports and packed public places are full of viruses waiting to find a willing host. Nobody wants to get sick during the holidays so do what you can to protect yourself.    
  • Stock up on travel snacks. Nobody wants a hangry traveler. Keep some healthy snacks on hand to get you through those blood sugar dips mid-flight or when no food options are available. This is especially important if you’re traveling with kids.   
  • Keep a folder on your phone with all your travel information including flights, flight numbers, lodging info, e-tickets, and any lists of local attractions or restaurants you want to try. Doing a little pre-planning and having everything in one place will be your saving grace.  
  • Let go of things you can’t control. Pack your bags knowing there will be some things you simply can’t control. Take deep breaths, send out good travel vibes and know it’s all part of the fun. 🙂

 How to Prep your skin for Fall 

Now that pumpkin-spice-everything season is here, it’s time to think about transitioning your skin from summer maintenance to fall care.  


The change in weather can have drastic effects on your skin, with the main culprit being the drier, cooler air.   The most important thing you can do now is start an exfoliation regime. And we mean exfoliate everything — body, lips, face, toes.  If you keep up with exfoliation, you have a better shot at keeping the dry, dead skin from appearing that causes instant dullness. And we know you’re not dull. In fact, you were meant to shine.  


Dry brushing is a technique you should take part in every morning if possible. It has amazing detox health benefits as well as helping to slough off dry, dead skin cells.   But be gentle. Extra bonus points if you do it while thinking loving, kind thoughts to yourself. 


In the shower be sure to use one of our gentle Sugar Scrubs to hydrate, nourish, exfoliate and leave skin with a supple, smooth, silky feel. 


In dryer months, our body butter is pure bliss for your skin.  It’s rich, luxurious texture sinks in to the skin beautifully, leaving dry, thirsty skin quenched and you feeling extra pampered.  


For hair care, add our Healing Power Hair Masque to your routine for some extra hydration and protection against that crisp fall air that can leave hair feeling dry and lifeless.  


Lips show signs of seasons change almost instantly so keep our natural Lip Balm in your purse, your car and your bath area so wherever you are you can swipe on the healing, hydrating and protective benefits of our 95% organic formulas.  


Your Fall just got more beautiful with a little extra Raw Lovin and thoughtful care.  

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