Is Mask Mouth a Thing?  

We’ve all heard of maskne (aka, acne caused by wearing a mask) and unfortunately, that’s definitely a thing. But mask mouth? Yep. Also a thing. When you’re wearing a mask for any length of time, you’re breathing your own breath, the moisture in your breath gets damp which goes into the fabric of your mask, which in turn is a breeding ground for bacteria such as candida — you may get a rash and your lips may get extremely dry.  Hello, mask mouth.


The antidote for dry-lip mask mouth is creating a barrier of moisture on our lips with a nourishing Lip Balm to prevent the constant dryness.  Forget lipstick and lip gloss unless you want it sticking to your mask — and the rest of your face.  Raw Sugar Natural Lip Balm is the perfect layer of protection, because not only does it moisturize lips with a blend that is made with Cold Pressed ingredients, it has Vitamin E,  safflower and jojoba oils to lock in moisture, creating the protection you need while nourishing them at the same time. The added bonus of using Natural Lip Balm in delicious flavors is that the extracts act as a mini aromatherapy session so your brain signals a happy, calm sense of well being.  And yet another bonus? Every Lip Balm comes with a tub of exfoliating Lip Scrub.


Lip Scrub is key to exfoliation of sensitive skin on and around your lips, treating dry, chapped lips and adding softness. It will help keep lips primed and pretty and infuses them with a protective veil of moisture to prevent mask irritation. So exfoliate with Lip Scrub. Apply Lip Balm with wild, reckless abandon or at least once an hour. Let’s make mask mouth a thing of the past. Shop below!


Lemon Sugar Lip Balm

Watermelon + Fresh Mint Lip Balm

Almond Milk + Agave Lip Balm

Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut Lip Balm

Raw Coconut + Mango Lip Balm

5 Amazing Benefits of Lemon for Your Lips! Yes! Lemon

Want to give your lips a lift?  Try using lip care with the amazing superpowers of lemon extracts to keep your pout pretty.  Here are the top five reasons to pucker up and say yes to Lemon lip balm.  


  1. Lemons are full of Vitamin C which is used to nourish, brighten and add clarity to skin which can reduce dullness and darkening of lips.   


  1. With high antioxidant levels, lemon extracts can help your lips stay luscious by preventing free radicals from damaging the collagen in your lips, keeping your pout plump and pretty.  


  1. With its high antiviral properties, lemon oil may help prevent unwanted cold sores from making an appearance.  Yes, please.  


  1. Keep things calm with lemon balm.  Lemon is often used as a calming herb, that soothes anxiety and helps to tone the nervous system.  


  1. Lemon is a mood booster.  The aromatherapy benefits of lemon flavor help enhance and uplift your spirits. It’s a happy scent that tastes delicious.  Win-Win! 

Bye-Bye to Dry, Chapped Lips

Say Bye-Bye to Chapped Lips 

The air gets dry and suddenly you’re biting and licking your peeling, cracked lips.  Why are lips so much more vulnerable to the dry weather? For one, skin on the lips is much thinner than the rest of our skin.  But the biggie, is that lips lack oil glands so they actually can’t produce their own moisture. 


So how do you keep lips soft and supple without natural oils?  Hello, lip-loving Lip Balms. Natural Lip Balms full of essential oils can repair, hydrate and lock in moisture which is key to keeping lips soft, supple and protected.  


Raw Sugar has five delicious flavors of natural Lip Balms.  They’re 95% Organic and are full of ingredients like Cold Pressed fruit extracts, Macadamia Nut and Shea Butters,  plus Vitamin E. The nutritive formulas add moisture and lift spirits with the bright, fresh flavors; Lemon Sugar, Raw Coconut + Mango, Pineapple + Maqui Berry, Watermelon + Fresh Mint and Almond Milk + Agave.  


Say bye-bye to chapped lips now and forever.  A little Raw Sugar Lip Balm love is all you need.  

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