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My Favorite Deodorant as of Late

With by Tahlia Hi friends! I hope you’re all having a great week. I want to share the deodorant I’ve been using/loving lately because I know a lot of you are always asking me for an aluminum-free deo that ACTUALLY works. This Raw Sugar deodorant successfully masks my body odor


Help Keep our Planet Pretty.

How to Recycle Your Beauty Packaging.     If we want to keep our planet pretty and healthy, it’s time for recycling to move beyond the kitchen and into the bathrooms. Research shows that currently, only about 34% of us are recycling material outside of the kitchen — and we all know


5 Sustainable Ways to Clean Your Body

Taking care of yourself should never be at the expense of others or the environment. That really is the heart of what sustainable self-care means.  Since our skin absorbs up to 64% of what you put on it, it also means being very intentional about what you put on your


5 Good News stories we all need right now.

Love wins.   A 90 year old couple that were separated because of the Coronavirus were reunited. Upon seeing each other at their heartwarming reunion, they told each other how cute they were and haven’t stopped holding hands since.  See the video here:  https://www.today.com/news/good-news   Pangolins Are Now as Protected as


Save The Planet While You Get in Shape

The focus on the health of our planet has never been greater. Between fires raging, animals on the verge of extinction, rainforest devastation and a vortex of over 1.8 trillion plastic pieces floating between California and Hawaii, the enormity of the situation and lack of solutions can feel overwhelming. The


5 ways to boost your self confidence

Lets face it. Confidence is sexy.  We admire people that have it and we all want more of it.  We’re talking about the kind of confidence that is self-assured, self-aware, unintimidated, doesn’t try to impress and lives without fear and negative talk.  So how do we get more of it?


Do good, feel good – How to make a positive impact

Do good. Feel Good.  How to make a positive impact.    What does it mean to “do good?”  Any unselfish act you participate in that benefits another human being is doing good.  It can be as simple as holding a door for someone, volunteering for a beach clean-up, picking up


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