Valentines Day Gift Guide

 Give some Sugar. Give some Love. 


Raw Sugar is a gift of love. To your partner, your Galentines and to yourself.  Here are some of our best gift ideas no matter who you’re sweet on. 


Man Love: Raw Men Body Washes and Bar Soaps come in the most amazing scents.  Pick your favorite and let him know how sexy he is when he smells good! Bonus, try a His/Hers Gift Exchange and let him pick out a new body wash for you too.  


Pure Romance: Create the ultimate romantic bath basket with a Sugar Scrub, Body Butter and Foaming Bath. Then light some candles, grab some champagne and enjoy a foaming bath for you — or for two.  


Keep Things Fresh: Give our brand new White Grapefruit + Rosemary scent in Body Wash and Hand Wash. It’s brand new and will keep the love and vibes alive.  


Fizzy Love: Our Bath Fizzers make bath time fun, fresh and relaxing. The bright colors and scents are mind boosters and body refreshers.  


Gift of Time: Put a bow on our brand new dry shampoos and you’re giving a free pass for days of great hair with no washing.  


Hair Detox: Create a beautiful gift box full of our new Scalp Restore collection. It’s a detox for a healthy scalp and full bodied beauty.  


Remember, whenever you buy any product, Raw Sugar donates a bar of soap to a family in need. Let’s spread the love. 

Broke and In Love? What to do for no-budget or low-budget date nights.

You don’t want anyone calling you a cheap date, but the truth is, dating is expensive.  When your budget calls for no or low cost solutions, the key is doing some homework, getting creative and bringing a spirit of fun.  We’ve compiled a list of date ideas that will help you connect without breaking the bank. Who knows, your date might even like the out-of-the-box thinking.  


Free Concerts, Farmer’s Markets + Festivals.   Do your homework and look for free community events in your area and build a date around that. There are tons of free concerts,  outdoor festivals and farmer’s markets that are a lively, fun and don’t cost a thing.   


Beach Day.  Nothing is more relaxing or intimate than a day at the beach.  Bring a blanket built for two, some beach chairs and a cooler of your favorite snacks.  Even better in the evening, have a bonfire and make S’mores. Campfire talk is especially romantic.  


Take a Hike.  Plan a scenic hike.  Exercising together is a great habit to get into and being out in nature is good for the soul.  Bonus points if you bring a backpack with a blanket and some picnic fare and surprise your date with a romantic little stop at a scenic spot.  


Geocaching.  It’s a thing.  Couples are doing it in droves and it sparks a spirit of fun, quirky adventure.  Basically, it’s a real life treasure hunt using GPS coordinates and geocaches are literally everywhere. In fact, you probably pass by scores of geocaches hidden on a daily basis and don’t even know it!  Begin on the official Geocache website — all you need is your phone with the free app downloaded.


Cook Together.  Even better, shop and cook together. Yes, there is a small cost of groceries, but it’s so much less expensive than eating out and often a much better experience.  How someone is in the kitchen tells you a lot about them as a person. If they are light hearted about burning the garlic bread, you know they can deal with speed bumps with a sense of humor. If they fall apart, you know you may have a perfectionist on your hands.  


Game Night.  What’s more fun than playing games? You’ll laugh, you’ll experience a little spirit of competition and create a playful connection. Be creative and throw a twist in to your games.  

If someone loses a hand, they have to tell you something about themselves you don’t already know, or, if you’re intimate, has to lose a piece of clothing.  Game night can be sexy and a blast.  


Backyard “Camping”.  Pitch a real tent in the backyard (or a blanket fort inside) and make it extra cozy with tons of pillows and soft blankets.  Make your night complete with lanterns, stargazing and ghost stories.  


The point is, when you “do” something together, there is a level of intimacy that creates a much deeper connection than spectating.  So even if you have money, you may want to try something from the list for that reason alone. Now go be a cheap date!

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