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My name is Carlene John. I am a 30 year young Brooklynite and Vitiligo warrior. Vitiligo is a skin disorder which causes melanin loss in the skin, but in “losing” melanin I found myself and a true purpose. Instead of it holding me back, my skin disorder made me determined to push through the many barriers of conventional beauty. It is my motivation to pursue an art I am extremely passionate about. I began modeling at the age of 17 and have grown tremendously over the years in crafting a walk I can call my own.


Photographer: @Garren.Pryce

Your Next Hair Color Hero at Sally Beauty!

Introducing PRO Remedy exclusively at Sally Beauty, your new clean hair care solution for professional salon quality formulations, look, & scents made with plant-derived ingredients and cold pressed products. 

We created PRO Remedy to bring the salon feel to you—especially during quarantine era, most of us are looking for ways to help maintain salon hair color and vibrancy between salon visits.   

If you need a good hair fix and seeking to maintain, repair, and protect your hair, say hello to Raw Sugar’s PRO Remedy lineup. The new affordable, professional-grade collection of products crafted with high-functioning, nutrient-rich botanicals, organic extractsand plant-based formulas. Do we hear some hand clapping? Because, yaaaas. Not to mentionthe exclusive line features the most gorgeous, head-turning scents.    

 Lean on us to help protect your hard-earned color with our clean ingredients! 


 *Due to COVID 19, PRO Remedy bamboo tops may have alternative temporary substitutions and will be back shortly.   


PRO Remedy Reconstruct Shampoo- White Orchid + Mushroom

Protect your hard-earned color while you cleansegently remove unwanted product build-up and pollutants without stripping.  Made with nature’s most powerful hero ingredients that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and mineralsthis proprietary blend of Reishi and Cordyceps Mushroom extracts and White Orchid extract helps replenish moisture and rebalance PH levelsnourishing scalp care for optimal hair growth. Infused with a blend of fermented oils to prevent split-ends and breakage while boosting elasticity, bounce and shine. Hair smells gorgeous with a light floral scent of white orchid, jasmine and nuances of rosewood.  Balance your spirit as well as your scalp for longer, stronger, and visibly more vibrant hair. 

PRO Remedy Reconstruct Conditioner – White Orchid + Mushroom

The ultimate damage control rescue treatment! This color-locking conditioner helps repair broken bonds, softens split ends, and adds moisture to prevent further breakage. Made with nature’s most powerful hero ingredients rich in hair-strengthening proteins, vitamins and mineralsthis proprietary blend of Reishi and Cordyceps Mushroom extracts and White Orchid extract helps to seal in moisture, boost shine, for incredibly nourished long strong hair. A unique combination of natural UV-protective fermented oils, rich antioxidants and phytonutrients instantly repair split-ends and strengthen hair bonds without weighing hair down. Soothe your senses as well as your scalp with pure floral notes of white orchid, jasmine, and rosewood.  The result is silky soft, legendary hair. 



PRO Remedy Leave-In Primer Mist – Wild Rose + Watercress

This amazing lightweight, pre-styling treatment is a multi-tasking hair-primer that does it all!  Infused with botanical extracts of Wild Rose, Watercressand Mojave Yucca. The gentle mist helps to detangle, bonds hair strands, and seals split-ends for ultimate frizz control. Cold Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil and Coconut Oil, work like a pro to keep hair protected from heat damage and breakage without weighing it down. Leave hair smelling gorgeous with rich and delicate notes of wild rose paired with watery fresh greens. The result is wonderfully silky and radiant looking hair. 



PRO Remedy Protective Dry Shampoo Camelia Flower + Agave

You’re a quick spritz away from refreshed, volumized and gorgeous hair! Save time between washes and extend your look with this Protective Dry Shampoo that cleanses and absorbs oil and odor. Revive your bounce and maintain color vibrancy while shielding from environmental stress. Infused with Vegan Quinoa Protein, to make hair feel thicker with lustrous volume, and a proprietary botanical blend of Blue Agave and Green Tea to naturally detangle and prevent future damage. Extra fine Rice Seed and Bamboo Powder leaves no powdery residue, only a soft-to-the-touch feel. The result is incredibly fresh hair with a camellia flower, lilies and sweet agave scent. 


PRO Remedy Unbreakable Balm Leave-In Bond Treatment – Banana Leaf + Coconut

Bliss out with this brilliant, instant frizz-smoothing and structure-strengthening leave-in Balm that seals, heals and protects while bringing damaged hair back to life! Made with a lush botanical extract blend of Banana, Coconut and Lotus Leaf, to seal in color, enhance elasticity, boost shine and soften hair. Infused with bond sealing, vitamin-rich fermented oils to help restore over processed hair, protect color and prevent further breakage. Embrace the scent of a lavish tropical paradise of creamy coconut and banana. The result is truly brilliant strong hair.  


All PRO Remedy products:  

  • Made with plant-derived and Cold Pressed ingredients 
  • Made with organic extracts 
  • Free of Parabens & Silicones 
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan 
  • Color-Safe 
  • For every product purchased, Raw Sugar donates a bar of soap to a family in need 

Is Mask Mouth a Thing?  

We’ve all heard of maskne (aka, acne caused by wearing a mask) and unfortunately, that’s definitely a thing. But mask mouth? Yep. Also a thing. When you’re wearing a mask for any length of time, you’re breathing your own breath, the moisture in your breath gets damp which goes into the fabric of your mask, which in turn is a breeding ground for bacteria such as candida — you may get a rash and your lips may get extremely dry.  Hello, mask mouth.


The antidote for dry-lip mask mouth is creating a barrier of moisture on our lips with a nourishing Lip Balm to prevent the constant dryness.  Forget lipstick and lip gloss unless you want it sticking to your mask — and the rest of your face.  Raw Sugar Natural Lip Balm is the perfect layer of protection, because not only does it moisturize lips with a blend that is made with Cold Pressed ingredients, it has Vitamin E,  safflower and jojoba oils to lock in moisture, creating the protection you need while nourishing them at the same time. The added bonus of using Natural Lip Balm in delicious flavors is that the extracts act as a mini aromatherapy session so your brain signals a happy, calm sense of well being.  And yet another bonus? Every Lip Balm comes with a tub of exfoliating Lip Scrub.


Lip Scrub is key to exfoliation of sensitive skin on and around your lips, treating dry, chapped lips and adding softness. It will help keep lips primed and pretty and infuses them with a protective veil of moisture to prevent mask irritation. So exfoliate with Lip Scrub. Apply Lip Balm with wild, reckless abandon or at least once an hour. Let’s make mask mouth a thing of the past. Shop below!


Lemon Sugar Lip Balm

Watermelon + Fresh Mint Lip Balm

Almond Milk + Agave Lip Balm

Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut Lip Balm

Raw Coconut + Mango Lip Balm

October Horoscopes 

Once in a Blue Moon is here. 


You know the phrase “once in a blue moon”?  Well, welcome to October, a month bookended by two super-powered full moons on the 1st and 31st. A Halloween Blue Moon only seems appropriate for 2020 and adds to the supercharged intensity of the month ahead. There is a lot of lunar action going down that brings plot twists and curve balls and to add fuel to the fire, Mercury goes into retrograde on October 13th. So, even though the Sun is moving through Libra’s sign of balance, this might be a good month to pump the brakes and spend some time in quiet meditation and stillness. It’s going to be a wild ride. But what else would we expect from 2020?  


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Raw Stories – chickvscancer

Sharing Raw Stories is a way for us to connect, acknowledge the beauty, strength and perseverance involved in every journey. We hope these stories enlighten, inspire and encourage you as you walk your own path and help you to know that you are never alone. What is your Raw Story?


I am Cat and I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2018 with Stage 2B Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and In Situ breast cancer. My journey to get to where I am now has been one of self-discovery, immense fear but also great love. Facing my own mortality, and what cancer does to a body, I’ve broken down more times than I’ve held my head high. But when I do find that space, that feeling like I’m comfortable with this new me, I’ve been able to heal. After three surgeries, 4 rounds of chemo and incredible bodily loss, I’ve done things I thought I would never do. I’ve shown other women how to embrace their post cancer bodies; I’ve survived through moments I did not know were survivable. I’ve conquered unimaginable grief to get to where I am today. Although breast cancer was and is one of the most insurmountable obstacles I’ve faced yet in my life, I know that if I put my scars out there, my real, raw story, I’m helping another woman face those obstacles. We are never alone in our fight against what may take us.

Ingredient Spotlight:  10 Benefits of Coconut 

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to reaching our beauty goals, but if there was a cure-all, the closest thing we’d have is Coconut.  Everyone from health seekers, life hackers and beauty gurus to self-care proponents rely on Coconut oil or extracts to make hair shiny and vibrant, to make skin softer, to detox the mouth with oil-pulling and brushing teeth as well as its use as a make-up remover, a metabolism booster and a plethora of other uses.   The healing power and natural ingredients in Coconut oil are abundant.  It’s why we add the power of this pure, superfood into many of our formulas from our Natural Lip Balm to Hand Wash, Body Wash, Body Butter, Shampoo, Scalp Restore products and Hair Masks. It’s an essential ingredient to repairing, restoring and balancing hair and skin.  


Here are our Top 10 Reasons we Love Coconut in our Products.  


  1. Coconut is an abundant source of lauric acid, an antimicrobial,  so it can reduce bacteria on the skin and reduce inflammation.
  2. Coconut oil is mainly composed of saturated fats, which are amazing at repairing your skin’s natural barrier function and can also keep moisture in the skin by slowing down the evaporation.
  3. It’s full of antioxidants, so it helps with anti-aging, and contains high levels of skin-soothing linoleum and linoleic acid.  
  4. The high vitamin E content of coconut protects skin from harmful UV rays. 
  5. Coconut contains antifungal properties to keep skin healthy, fight against allergies and  infections that can be responsible for rashes, dermatitis and thinning hair. 
  6. Coconut is very hydrating and has a great moisturizing effect for dry skin, and stimulates the production of collagen.  
  7. It has a light, fresh, exotic scent that has a soothing, uplifting and relaxing effect. 

Raw Stories – tofacetheworld

Sharing Raw Stories is a way for us to connect, acknowledge the beauty, strength and perseverance involved in every journey. We hope these stories enlighten, inspire and encourage you as you walk your own path and help you to know that you are never alone. What is your Raw Story?


“I was born with a port wine stain birthmark as part of the Sturge Weber Syndrome that I have. Doctors advised to start with laser treatment when I was about six months old. At age two, this went terribly wrong as the treatment severely burnt my birthmark resulting in scar tissue on my birthmark. The scars belong to me as much as my birthmark does. I have eye sight problem as a result of the syndrome I have. I am blind on my right eye. And for me it is so much more important that I can see the world rather than spending my time treating my face for the sake of being seen differently in society. I invest time each day on my internal being, also as a means to relate healthily to my exterior and skin. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for the past decade on a daily basis.

From my interest in how people see and are seen in society I focussed my research at university on this subject. Last year I conducted research on the experience of people with visible differences with stigma and discrimination. From that @tofacetheworld was born, and I have now transformed it into my coaching business in which I coach individuals on many aspects of life, and particularly body image, awareness, acceptance.

I believe in education and letting the world see and engage in diversity in all its forms and facets. I continue with research of different topics related to self-acceptance, diversity and body awareness. Because below all that pigment we all have the same color, and with that, we should collectively move beyond those divisive features of humankind and face the world as we are”





9-11. Never Forget.  

The day where we all come together and hold our loved ones close.

As we are all still struggling through the effects of a global pandemic and the challenges of civil unrest, we can’t help but stop and think of the day that tragedy brought us all together.  When the planes on 9/11 struck,  we unified and combined our efforts to support those who lost their lives, were searching for loved ones and were deeply affected by being hit on our home base. If we can pause and reflect on the love that poured out for our fellow citizens, on the generosity of strangers and spirit of resolve, we can move ourselves to a new place of understanding.  We, as a country, are the same people that united. We can be love and a safe place for those who are struggling, even today. Today we honor the heroes, the lost and the love that was shown on  September 11th.

DIY: Watermelon + Honey Face Mask for Clear, Happy Summer Skin.  

Watermelon — that ultimate warm weather treat, starring at our picnics and barbecues — is packed with antioxidants and free-radical fighting lycopene, meaning this cooling treat, happens to be really good for your skin too.  Make your own DIY face mask for radiant, supple and soothed summer skin. It’s cooling, brightening and particularly beneficial for skin that has had too much sun exposure. When combined with honey, you get the perfect mix of hydrating, brightening, soothing, and acne-fighting effects.  


Here’s the DIY: 


Mix equal parts Watermelon with equal parts honey. (For a full face, 2-3 Tablespoons should be plenty)  Mix it in a blender or with a whisk, and apply to your face. Relax for 20-30 minutes and rinse!  For added cooling benefits, you can grate just the rind of the watermelon, mix with honey, refrigerate for 10 minutes then apply for 20 minutes.

5 Yoga Moves to Heat Up Summer 

Spice up your end of summer yoga routine with these 5 energy boosting poses the have added muscle building and mood-lifting benefits.  



Down dog split, knee to nose. 

From downward-facing dog, inhale and lift your left leg as high as you can behind you while keeping your hips square. Exhale and slowly bring your left knee to your nose, drawing your belly in toward your spine. On your next inhale, lift your leg back up to down-dog split. Repeat 5 times, then switch sides and repeat.

Works legs, arms, shoulders, upper back, abs + butt. 


Bow pose

Lie facedown, forehead resting on mat, arms on the floor by your sides, palms up. Exhale and bend your knees, bringing heels as close to your butt as you can. Reach back and take hold of your ankles, keeping knees hip-width apart. Inhale and lift your chest and thighs off the floor, pushing heels away from your butt. Make sure to keep your lower back relaxed, pressing your shoulder blades down and back. Continue to take deep inhales and exhales; work your way up to holding for 5 or more breaths. Slowly lower and release your ankles to return to start.

Works your back, chest, shoulders, arms, abs, legs, hips


Twisted Chair pose

Yoga’s version of the squat, improves the lymph system and the digestive system. It is a great way to work thighs, butt, abs and arms.

Inhale and raise your arms above your head, perpendicular to the floor. Exhale as you bend your knees, bringing your thighs as parallel to the floor as they can get. Your knees will project out slightly over your feet and your torso will form an approximate right angle over your thighs.


Shoulder stand

The shoulder send is known for boosting metabolism and balancing thyroid levels as it strengthens upper body, abs, legs and helps improve respiratory system and sleep.  

  1. Begin by lying flat on your back with your legs extended and your arms at your sides, palms down. Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet flat on the floor.
  2. On an inhalation, use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs and hips off the floor. Curl your torso and bring your knees in toward your face. Then, lift your hips and bring your torso perpendicular to the floor.
  3. Bend your elbows and place your hands on your lower back with your fingertips pointing up toward the ceiling. Keep your elbows on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Do not let your elbows splay out to the sides.
  4. When you are comfortable, lift your thighs so they are vertical to the floor, keeping your knees bent. Draw your tailbone toward your pubic bone. Then, straighten your legs fully and reach your feet up to the ceiling. Lift through the balls of your feet.
  5. Try to bring your shoulders, hips, and feet into one line.
  6. Keep your head and neck in line with your spine and do not turn your head. Draw your shoulder blades firmly into your upper back. Keep a space between your chin and chest, and soften your throat. Gaze toward your chest.
  7. Hold the pose for 10-25 breaths.



Low Lunge

A low lunge, works to lengthen your muscles while opening your heart and helps balance and concentration. 

From Downward Facing Dog, step your right foot between your hands. Place your left knee down on the mat. Bring your hands to your right knee or sweep them up to the sky and hook your thumbs. Slide your shoulders down your back as you relax your forehead and jaw and look up slightly. Lift from the back of your heart, from the thoracic spine, to find a small backbend. Stay for 5 full breaths. Bring your hands back down to frame your right foot, tuck your left toe and step back to Down Dog. Repeat on the left side.

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