Oh, the holidays. We are overbooked, over-eating, over-indulging and likely watching the needle on the scale inch up. But here’s the thing. It’s not just Thanksgiving through New Years that makes or breaks our weight goals. It’s what we continuously do all year long that truly makes a difference.  


Your daily habits have more to do with your weight management than any one month of excess. Things like getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are the obvious daily musts if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re not sleeping, your body simply doesn’t have time to go through cleansing cycles and maintain hormonal balance, making it seemingly impossible to lose weight. If you’re not drinking water, your body may want to overcompensate with food. So sleep, hydrate and check out some other simple daily habits you may want to incorporate to help feel your best every single day. 


Practice Mindfulness. The first step toward managing what you’re eating is actually being aware of what you’re consuming. Be aware of mindless consumption and know when and why you’re grabbing food. Try not to eat on the fly — rather sit down, put your fork down between bites and be grateful for the food you have. Ask yourself if what you’re putting in your mouth is serving your higher good and deserving to be in your beautiful body.  


Be Prepared. Taking an extra hour or two on Sundays for week day meal prep is one of the biggest contributors to having a successful week of eating. When we’re hungry, we’re not likely to spend time roasting veggies. Do it ahead of time and keep healthy staples in the fridge. Skipping the fast fixes and reaching for your home-cooked healthier options is a habit that has a big impact on your weight.   


Move. We’re not saying book a trainer and hit the gym for an hour a day. Small daily habits like walking more, taking stairs, and scheduling a three minute deep breathing and stretching session every couple of hours while sitting at your desk does wonders.  


Get Your Vitamin D. Getting enough vitamin D can keep your hormone levels in check and may even help to lose weight and decrease body fat. 15 minutes of morning sun and supplements are both good steps to take.      


Remember, maintaining a healthy weight is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency and persistency are key to achieving your best weight.