Empower yourself with more savings in 2020.  

Weekly savings planners are helping people cut corners, pay off debt and even save up for something nice.


We’ve all learned our lesson from the Tortoise and the Hare. Consistent, steady steps are the way to reach our goals.  This is especially true when it comes to stockpiling your savings. Small weekly contributions to a savings account can really add up and help you reach your goals, whether it’s paying off a credit card or saving for a vacation.  


Establishing a weekly savings plan is all about creating achievable, short-term goals that line up with your long term plans. Short-term goals allow you to see an immediate improvement which, in turn, increases motivation. Without short term goals, it can be easy to lose sight of what you’re working toward over the long term. 


So step 1, decide why you want to save. Step 2, figure out how much you want to save. Step 3, find a planner that aligns with those goals or make one of your own. Weekly savings planners come in all types, from bingo game savings challenges to simple savings charts. The internet is full of ideas and free downloadable charts to help you. Step 4, make your contributions faithfully. You can make it easier by setting up automatic transfers or find an app like Acorn that rounds up your purchases to and saves the difference, SoFi or Wealthfront that make it easy to save and invest straight from your smartphone.  


If you want to spend 2020 painlessly saving, think small steps that lead you to a bigger goal. Every week, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction and pride at having set a little something aside for your future. Happy Saving!