We’ve all walked into a bakery or a store and had a smell trigger a pleasant memory or transport us back in time.  But what about smell in relation to making you feel better, work harder or just being more productive?  


Studies have found that certain smells can have an invigorating or energizing effect on you, particularly scents packed with Vitamin C.  


Hello,  Lemon Sugar.  Pass the Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut, please. And give me all the Raw Coconut + Mango.  


Scents with Vitamin C give you a positive uplift and can help you focus your energy, making your day brighter and your to do list a no-brainer while vanilla boosts feelings of well being and joy.   


Lemon has a special ability to promote concentration and clarity that are helpful when you’re feeling sluggish or out of sorts.  In other words, our Lemon Sugar scent is a lift for your soul and your brain and may even help boost the body’s immune system. 


Mint (think Watermelon + Mint) not only helps with focus, but invigorates your mind and promotes clear thinking.


Scents are a powerful tool in keeping you focused, healthy and productive. Try all our scents and see how good you feel.  It’s not just smell, it’s actually brain science.