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Get excited! Our new ‘sensitive skin’ line is here!

Sensitive-skinned sugars, this one’s for you.

Hey sugar, we know that the beautiful sensitive-skinned souls among us need a little extra #Rawlovin – and we also know that winter winds and dropping temperatures can sometimes reduce our skin’s moisture levels and deplete its natural defenses. And when you have sensitive skin, your winter complexion might need just that much more love and care – just like your wardrobe might need a few extra layers.

When you have sensitive skin, it’s not always enough to avoid certain ingredients. Your pores need to be soothed and nurtured. Fortunately, we’re bringing the gentle Southern California sunshine to illuminate your days (and your sensitive skin) with our NEW Sensitive Skin line available at select Target stores or Target.com

We’ve created a brand new regimen of nourishing, nurturing, and soothing products consciously crafted specifically for sensitive skin. Formulated with natural ingredients specially selected to care for delicate complexions, this set of sensitive-skin-loving goodies will brighten your everyday. And your complexion – minus the irritation.

Say hello to your brand new skin heroes:

ColdPress Hand Wash Green Tea, Cucumber + Aloe Vera

ColdPress Body Wash Green Tea, Cucumber + Aloe Vera

ColdPress Natural Hand Wash Almond Milk, Manuka Honey + Oatmeal

ColdPress Body Wash Almond Milk, Manuka Honey + Oatmeal

So, what will these ingredients do for my sensitive skin?


Green Tea is an antioxidant by nature, working hard to reduce signs of ageing and soothe the skin in the most gentle way possible. The energizing scent of Green Tea will have an uplifting and joyous effect on you – making you radiate from the inside out.

Additionally, green tea acts as a gentle exfoliator and is also blessed with the power of tannins which help to perk up and lift your complexion.


It’s simple, it’s made up of 90% water, but it’s your sensitive skin’s very best friend. Super-soothing and ultra-cooling, cucumber can be used on even the most fragile of complexions and make it feel like heaven. It’s incredible at minimizing pores and evening out skin tone. The Vitamin C and caffeic acid in cucumbers are also antioxidants that work towards slowing the appearance of wrinkles and creases.


A variety of vitamins. A medley of minerals. Spades of enzymes. A bunch of amino acids. One little plant: Aloe Vera. The ultimate healer for sensitive skin, Aloe vera is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial – meaning it’s powerful in protecting sensitive skin against infections and warding off germs. It helps with skin regeneration and even softens dead skin cells – making them easy to remove and rinse off in a gentle way.

Aloe vera also helps with pigmentation – it can minimize the appearance of freckles, brown spots and blotchiness.


Almond Milk allows you to make peace with your sensitive skin. Incredible in its ability to soothe the skin, Almond Milk is rich in Vitamin E – which deeply nourishes and keeps skin cells supple, while replenishing dehydrated complexions and locking moisture in through your pores.

Vitamin E is also incredibly effective in renewing skin cells – perfect if your skin’s had a bit too much sun.


FUN FACT TIME: Did you know that honey contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5000 enzymes? Extraordinary stuff, right?!

Manuka honey is one of nature’s purest ingredients – and boy does it LOVE skin! In fact, Manuka Honey loves ALL skin types – including that of the sensitive sort. Its healing powers work wonders in soothing skin – and its range of antioxidants is wonderful at smoothing it out. It provides skin with a natural moisture, so there’s no need for any harsh chemicals. It’s also naturally antibacterial, which means it helps fight acne and breakouts in the most natural, non-irritating way.


Oatmeal is a wonderful remedy for sensitive skin – and one that’s been used around the world historically to soothe itchiness and irritation.

Oat lipids and proteins help to rejuvenate the skin barrier and keep it strong, helping to combat dryness and itchiness. Oats are also enriched with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which work to ease sensitivity and even slow down aging.

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