This holiday season, I am always looking for affordable gifts for my friends and family that show how much I appreciate them. Personally, I think the gift of taking time to pamper yourself is the greatest gift of all. My favorite way to gift pampering and self care to others is Raw Sugar’s gift sets!

Available at Target, these gift sets are “packed with fruits, vitamins and love” and are perfect for anyone on your list this year. The best part is how many products are included for such a low price! I picked up some of Raw Sugar’s bath fizzies and sugar scrub with body wash gift sets from Target. Beautifully packaged, they’re perfect for anyone on your list who’s deserving of some pampering!

Made with “nature’s basics” of fruit, plants and wholesome vitamins, Raw Sugar’s products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly! I feel even better about gifting an all-natural product to my friends and family knowing that none of their ingredients include harmful chemicals or dye. Not to mention, they feel incredible on your skin. They’re also gorgeous in a nice, warm bubble bath with some of their bath fizzers!

If you’re struggling with choosing gifts for friends and family, head to your local Target and pick up some of Raw Sugar’s gift sets and give the gift of self care and pampering. Don’t forget to grab one for yourself too!


xx, Tonya Michelle

Instagram: @tonyamichelle26