Find out which Raw Sugar Hair Care product is right for your type.  


Healthy self-care includes your hair, but shampoo and conditioner are not one size fits all.  Finding the right hair care for your hair type could make the difference between life with lustrous locks or fighting the frizzies on a daily basis.  That’s why we tailor our haircare line to specific needs.  Check out which collection may be the perfect fit for you below.  


For overworked, dehydrated hair that needs an extra shot of moisture and nourishment.  

The Moisture Smoothie

Amazing for hair that’s dry and overworked and needs a heavy dose of moisture.  The Moisture Smoothie Shampoo + Conditioner is a hair strengthening duo to achieve a tamed mane.  This super hydrating formula with Cold Pressed Coconut + Agave + Sweet Almond Milk delivers thirst quenching nutrients to keep your hair sleek, shiny and vibrant.  


For hair that doesn’t want to be weighed down, craves weightless body and bounce.  

The Bounce Back 

Add more life to your hair with our Bounce Back shampoo–infused with shine enhancing Cold Pressed carrot oil and vitamin-packed nutrients. Certified Organic mango butter & nourishing agave deliver weightless bounce and soft body, with a delicious mango scent.


For hair that is wild and unruly, needs curl-defining nourishment and frizz fighting power.  

The Truly Unruly 

Our Truly Unruly puts life back in your curls without weighing them down.  The deeply cleansing formula is fortified with rich Avocado, cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar, and healing Rosemary Oil so your curls are under control but wild spirit is still fully intact!


For hair and scalp that is heavy with product build-up, needs a healthy detox and deep cleansing of the scalp to achieve stronger, longer hair.  

The Scalp Restore 

Get rid of scalp build-up with a formula made with plant-derived ingredients.  You can achieve the perfect clean for scalp health and hair strength with this balancing, ultra-hydrating and clarifying trio. Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree extracts and Moringa Oil detoxes by lifting out product build-up and impurities, washing them clean away. Hair is nourished, detoxified and vibrant.  


For tired, flat hair that needs a quick pick-me up between washes to revive volume and freshness. 

Dry Shampoo Volume 

This lush, gorgeous smelling Dry Shampoo is your go-to for quick volume between washes.  The super-fresh formula is crafted with Bamboo Powder and organic Marshmallow Root extract to magically absorb oil and impurities so your hair instantly bounces back to life with added volume, revived vibrancy and beautifully fresh scent of watermelon and lychee.  


For tired, dull hair that needs an instant boost of style between washes to add texture and revive freshness. 

Dry Shampoo Texture 

For flat, lifeless hair in need of extra style.  This lush, plant-derived formula made with Bamboo Powder and organic Marshmallow Root extract to magically absorb oil and impurities to add instant texture for maximum style between washes.  It revives stale hair with a beautifully fresh scent with hints of coconut, maqui berries, rose and cedarwood.