Happy Thanksgiving, a Raw Thank You From Raw Sugar

It’s been a year. 2020 will go down in history as one of the most disruptive years in modern history but amidst the pandemic, we have had to pivot our perspective and become more intentional about acknowledging what we are grateful for. This time of year, acknowledging what we are thankful for and sharing that with the people we love holds even more power to shift us into a positive place.  


Gratitude not only boosts our spiritual, emotional and physical well being, but our mental well-being as well. It’s a virtual switch we flip by moving our focus from what we don’t have and need to what we do have and,  living in the spirit of abundance.  


Here at Raw Sugar, we want you to know how grateful we are for YOU. The way you have embraced our clean living, kindness and leading with love philosophy. How you’ve responded with gusto to our new products and continued to love your tried and true favorites. We’re grateful that we were able to play a part of keeping our communities safe this year with an increased production of soaps and sanitizers.  


We are grateful for our frontline workers and the efforts of every person that has had to sacrifice and rise above the circumstance of the day. We are so thankful that we can move into 2021 with a host of new products coming your way that will make your life and self care routine even sweeter.  And that we are able to continue to give back with our Raw Sugar Initiative.


Remember, there is always something to be thankful for. Gratitude truly is the catalyst for happiness. So when you need a boost, remember all you are grateful for and watch how your emotions shift.  Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving, Sugars.  Thank you for being part of our Raw Sugar family.

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