We’ve all heard the myth that your shampoo stops working after awhile.  But does it really? The answer is no. Switching just to switch isn’t a thing.   The reasons you may need to change up your hair care routine has more to do with lifestyle and environment than individual product use.  


So when do you need to evaluate your hair care routine?  Here are a few guidelines.  

Seasons + Environment.  When the seasons change, it’s a good idea to evaluate if your hair’s needs have changed.  In colder, dryer months, you may want to add a hair masque to your routine. During summer months, you may want something lighter and gentler since you probably wash more often. 


Diet + Aging. Other reasons to evaluate your hair care include diet and aging.  If your diet has plenty of healthy food fats you may need less oils in your conditioner.  As you age, your hair needs definitely change as the texture and fullness change.   


Over-processing, and Medical Treatments. Hair that’s over processed or mature may become brittle and  it needs something extra to help restore its intrinsic strength and make it appear fuller. Hair that’s been damaged by heat, over-processing, or even intense medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation can benefit from extra attention and the inclusion of reparative treatments in your routine as well. 


The best guideline of all is you.  How do you think your hair looks? If it is shiny and healthy and responding well, there’s no need to make a change just for the sake of change.