There is no one size fits all answer to how often you should break out the shampoo because different hair requires different care.  For example, texture and weight have a lot to do with the frequency of shampooing.  


While recommendations vary, experts agree on the fact that you should not wash every day unless you have seriously fine and oily hair or a lifestyle that demands coming clean on a daily basis.  Over-washing can cause dryness, breakage and split ends. On the flip side, not washing your hair enough can lead to clogged pores, inflammation and even hair loss.  


Every texture and hair type has its own requirements.  Hair with thicker strands can go longer without cleansing, while thin tresses tend to get dirty and oily quicker. Curly hair tends to be on the dry side, so can go longer without washing, while straight hair may require more frequent washing. Coarse hair can be left for longer without a good scrub, while silky hair can’t. See below for a general rule of thumb and remember to use shampoos that are free of sulfates which can strip hair too fiercely.  


General rule to washing: 

  • Flat fine hair — Every other day. 
  • Thick hair — Once a week.
  • Wavy hair/loose curls —  Every other day
  • Tightly curled hair — Every three days
  • Damaged hair — Every three days
  • Oily hair — Every other day 
  • Normal hair — Every other day