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How to Practice Self-Care for your Zodiac Sign

Falling behind in your self care? Read on & you will see that the solution is right above you! Literally!


Having a solid self-care routine is crucial in maintaining your wellbeing. Taking time out of your otherwise hectic day to cater to you is not a luxury, it’s a daily necessity.


Here’s the thing…developing a long-term self-care routine doesn’t have to be complicated – it just has to be personal. To create a routine that truly works for you, why not look to the stars? Every sign in the zodiac has different desires, so each one will benefit from different rituals.


And thus, we bring you: the perfect self-care routine for your zodiac sign.



Our Aries sisters are full of energy, have a competitive streak and have trouble staying still. Because they find it hard to relax and slow down, Aries’ perfect self-care activity is going for a run – it’ll help release all that energy and clear that full-to-the-brim mind.



Ah, the stubborn sign. Aside from their world-famous determination, Taureans are a sensual sign – so they truly enjoy a good ol’ pamper sesh. After a long day’s work, they would really benefit from indulging in a long skincare routine – face, body, hair, you name it.



Because of their adventurous and inquisitive nature, Geminis love trying new things. A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class is perfect because of the variety and fast-pace it offers – not to mention the endorphins it releases!



Cancer is the ultimate homebody. The little pleasures in life are the ones that they love the most, so their perfect form of self-care is cooking a delicious, hearty meal from scratch (oh, and eating it too).



The fire sign, Leo is hardworking, extroverted, and a born leader – and all that can take it out of a Leo. Because of how much energy they give the world every day, their self-care routine can simply revolve around making time for a well-earned short nap.



Virgos love organization over everything else. Because they love gathering their thoughts, Virgos should try to take time to make a list every morning and night – a list of daily goals, feelings, affirmations… and the list goes on.



Librans need balance – it’s part of their core make-up. That’s why yoga is one of the best things they can do for themselves to create equilibrium in their bodies and minds, and to get out of their heads and into their breathing.



This sign is often a little guarded, and can have trouble expressing their emotions. To prevent bottling up, Scorpios should take an hour once or twice a week to talk things out. It could be to a professional, or to a trusted family member or friend.



If there was ever a sign that really wasn’t able to sit still, it’s Sagittarius. These souls are always on the go – seeking thrills and making plans. Because they struggle with looking inward, meditation is the perfect form of self-care for them – because they might just need to be left alone with their own thoughts for once. It’ll be a challenge, so it’s lucky Sags’ love one.



Perhaps the most ambitious sign, Capricorns will stop at nothing to achieve what they set out to do. So sometimes they need some time to step away and regroup. An outdoor hike is the perfect way to ‘get away’ while also feeling like they’ve accomplished something.



The “water bearer” of the star signs, the best way for an Aquarius to relax and restore is with a long bath at the end of the day. Adding some Epsom salts or mineral salts to the equation will take this rejuvenation time to the next level – clearing energy fields and relaxing the entire body.



Different star signs rule different body parts, and Pisces rules the feet – so going for regular pedicures is an indulgence Pisces will love. When an in-salon treatment isn’t an option, this sign can DIY and give themselves (and their tootsies) a foot massage with lovely lotions or butters.


And that’s a wrap. So now, no matter what your sign, you have no excuse to skip the self-care – the stars simply won’t allow it.

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