As we wave goodbye in the direction of the hot summer sun, it’s time to turn over a new leaf with your hair care game! If you, like plenty of other Sugars, took the free-spirited notion of living in the moment a little too literally this summer, you, like many others, your strands may have taken a bit too much heat (whether it be from the summer heat or your own hair tools).

Never fear, Raw Sugar is here! We’re all for simple, easy and 100% pure, Cold Pressed goodness. It’s time to revitalize damaged, sun-bleached locks and restore them to the bouncier, smoother and shinier form that they once were.

Image via @TheVibesCloset

It’s simple, choose from either The Moisture Smoothie or The Bounce Back Shampoos and Conditioners, for an all encompassing and nutritious hair revival. Then, treat your hair to deep hydration therapy with our Healing Power Hair Masque…and voilà, you’ve got yourself a happy, healthy + hip hair care regimen!

If you need to really dig deep to reverse all those long, sunny days out on the beach, or even the days where you happen to over do it with your heat styling tools, then our ColdPressed Healing Power Hair Masque is the perfect SOS rescue remedy, for tired, tangled and dried out locks. Lather as much, and as often, as you’d like to get that desirable run-your-hands-through-your-hair softness that you love and need! The longer you let your strands soak, the better the active ingredients are able to work to quench your hair’s thirst.

Carefully formulated with ingredients that have purpose, like Avocado (promotes long, strong & healthy hair growth), Banana Oil (giving your scalp deep hydration and added moisture) and Honey (reduces breakage which promotes happy, healthy hair and scalp), our amazing Hair Masque is the perfect addition to your Hair Care Regimen. Get visibly healthier hair from the first use; there’s never been a better time to get #Rawlovin Sugars!

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Make the most of today, it’s time to live pure and unfiltered – the way nature intended us to live!