Pollution takes a toll on the environment but it also takes a big toll on your looks.  Pollutants that carry the biggest threat to your skin’s appearance include car exhaust, cigarette smoke, smog and manufacturing by-products, all of which can cause major damage like uneven skin tone, accelerated aging and even skin cancer.  


Pollution is made up of small particles that don’t just sit on your skin, but permeate it and infiltrate deep into the layers causing inflammation, dehydration and loss of elasticity and firmness.  In other words, all the things that keep your skin plump and youthful.  


To protect yourself as much as possible, keep your skin clean. After you wash it well,  neutralize free radicals with antioxidants and nutrient rich fruit and oil extracts. Your final step is to protect it by creating a barrier to shield against the small particles with a quality lotion or sunscreen.  Pollution doesn’t have to take away your pretty. Take care of your skin and keep your youthful glow in tact.