You may be well and truly immersed in 2019, but is your hair?

If you’ve been a bit too busy to be keeping up hair trends, don’t worry! We’re here to fill you in and you’re going to love it.

No, it’s not scrunchies (although we were all over that one), nor is it chic fedoras (not that we’d pass one up!). It’s, drumroll… hair clips.  

But not just any kind of hair clips…we’re talking about barrettes – and you’re about to start seeing a whole lot more of them on your feed.

It all started during Paris Fashion Week, where models wore barrettes to accessorize…and it was a hit!  So it looks like the Eighties’ renaissance trend is coming back!  

A favorite style has been stacking barrettes and pinning down your hair to hold it out of your face. Another way you could wear a barrette is at the bottom of a plait, or above a sleek ponytail.

Fashion and style is about having fun & barrettes add personality to every look! The best thing about barrettes is that it’s a low-maintenance trend and you can play around with the style. Brush your hair out, pop on a clip or two to keep it off your face and voila – you’re walking out with the Zoe Kravitz hair style!

Barrettes are simple & easy to pull off.  Take your pick and rock it, sugar!