Turns out, tequila is not the only thing an Agave plant is good for. This razor sharp succulent is really an ancient healing modality used by the Aztecs. They would use the liquid center of the plant for everything from healing wounds and flavoring their food and drink to a remedy for skin issues. In fact, they believed Agave was a gift from the gods. We think it’s one of the most powerful, natural ingredients we can add to our arsenal of effective, clean, skin-loving products.    


Agave is your go-to if you’re looking to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Keep in mind, it’s good for all skin types, but we use it in our Sensitive Skin formula for its ability to restore, hydrate, calm and soothe irritated skin.  


Here are a few more benefits: 


  • Agave contains natural surfactants — cleaners that help break down dirt and oils. They’re also one of the best known natural stimulants of hyaluronic acid that helps plump skin and boost collagen. 
  • Agave is full of vitamins B1, B2, C, D and K, and provitamin A. 
  • The vitamin C helps brighten skin and repair damage done by environmental pollutants and the sun. 
  • It is anti-aging and helps keep skin soft and supple, reducing the appearance of fine lines. 
  • Agave is incredibly hydrating.  Perfect for dry, irritated skin. 
  • Agave soothes skin irritations and is a natural antiseptic.    
  • It is known to strengthen, add resiliency and add elasticity to hair.