Let love reign…or rein it in?  


With five planets in retrograde and two full moons, July is a busy astrological month, full of girl power, finding our balance and honoring the Yin and Yang. We start the month in the midst of a Mercury retrograde, so we sadly don’t get to start off free from astrological baggage and it continues to be a time of expansion and contraction — especially where love is concerned.


Alpha-female Cancer is ruling the skies and this is no shrinking violet situation, as the Cancer-positioned planets will but heads with Pluto in masculine Capricorn on July 6 and 16. It will be imperative that we have the right balance of structure and sensuality, yin and yang, sensitivity and sensibility. A few ego battles or power struggles could certainly ensue along the way. Here’s hoping the Cancer new moon on July 15 will get us all put a little more love in our hearts. The Sun will move into fiery Leo on July 22, lightening up the mood swings. But, on July 25, TWO planets turn retrograde (backward): sensual Venus and rebellious Uranus. All manner of interpersonal relations can go wonky while Venus backslides until September 6—first in Virgo, then in Leo from July 31 onward. To add some kind of silver lining, it’s a favorable time to work on relationship issues, resolve conflicts or even to reunite with an ex if that’s a positive. Retrograde high season officially kicks into gear the last week of July with FIVE planets—Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto—all retrograde. It’s a great time to take a big, step backward and reflect on your life from a distance or even press pause. If you’ve been forcing an agenda, this is a good time to loosen your grip and let the universe lend an assist. The month ends with an Aquarius full moon on July 31. This one is also turbo-charged, so double the manifestations should be headed your way. Since Aquarius rules the unexpected, it’s anyone’s guess how things will come together. Embrace the spirit of adventure—and camaraderie. 


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