We use them to speak truth, eat yummy food and to kiss the ones we love. We use them to laugh and to smile — yet the all-important lips are often left out of our beauty routine.  Its time your lips got a beauty upgrade because a consistent lip regimen will not only give you a prettier pout, it can prevent premature aging, soften skin and add to the overall vibrance and glow of your face.  


Lets face it. No one likes looking at lips that are cracked, dry and chapped so step number one is to use an all natural gentle lip scrub for exfoliation of dead skin. Look for a scrub that does double duty with moisturizing ingredients like macadamia nut butter or coconut oil to hydrate while you exfoliate.  


Use a balm. The very word balm means anything that heals or soothes.  A balm is basically a salve for your smile. Keep it on your countertop to remind you to swipe it on whenever you walk by.  We like our balms chock full of hydrating and restorative ingredients like macadamia nut and shea butter, vitamin E, virgin coconut, jojoba oil and other plant based essential oils to lock in moisture.  


Doing these two simple things will have a profound effect on loving your lips, your life, your smile and your glow.  Kiss. Kiss.