LIVE TO GIVE: the story behind our 500,000 soap bar giveaway day


At Raw Sugar Living, our one, unyielding mission is to change the world for the better – one small bar of soap at a time.

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in – and wake up with a smile on their faces – we never stop looking for ways to positively contribute to the planet and its people, from the smallest acts of kindness to soul-stirring grand gestures that make a real impact.

That’s why we recently partnered with the incredible organisation that is Direct Relief to give away over 500,000 fresh bars of soap to people in need.

Direct Relief’s purpose is a significant one; to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty and emergencies. Their recent work in assisting people affected by Hurricane Harvey by raising $100 million in medical inventories is indicative of their relentless hard work and passion for helping people – and we’re so very honored to be partnered with such an inspiring organisation.

So, together with Direct Relief, we decided to share our passion for clean, healthy, pure living and make a difference to the lives of those who are forced to suffer through poverty and unhygienic living conditions. Because, you may be surprised to learn – hygiene is a huge global issue and almost 32% of people around the world suffer from unclean conditions that can lead to terrible illness and disease.

The whole concept behind Raw Sugar Living is love; that fuzzy, heart-warming, chicken-soup-for-the-soul feeling that makes the world go ‘round. Based on that 50-year philosophy, we firmly believe everyone should feel beautiful – from the inside out. So to us, our partnership with direct Relief and even our Raw Sugar Initiative (which means we give away a bar of soap for every product purchased) is not just a social responsibility – it’s a personal responsibility.

We’re proud to be able to say that our 500,000 soap-bar giveaway was a great success – and it gives us such wonderful satisfaction to know that we could have made even the smallest difference to people in need.

And hopefully, our initiative inspires others to help – in whatever small way they can. Because as the age-old saying goes – a little love goes a long way, and it’s the simplest things in life that make the biggest difference.

At the end of it all, giving is living.





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