Self-care isn’t just for women.  While men may not be in to 24k gold face masks or weekly pedicures, that doesn’t mean they don’t love a good product that makes them look, feel — and smell their best.  


The most basic place to start for men is their Body Wash.  It’s the foundation for everything else that happens after the shower.  Using one that is good for the skin and made with plant-based ingredients means it not only loves their skin, but the planet too.  


Raw Men Body Wash and Bar Soaps from Raw Sugar Living are just the ticket.  They come in four irresistible scents which leads us to a big must-have for male grooming.  A signature scent.  


Finding and claiming a signature scent or two is a must-have for any man that wants to leave an impression on the people he comes in contact with.  Using a Body Wash or Bar Soap that lathers into a clean, subtle scent and fills the shower with good vibes is incredibly sexy and can even eliminate the need for overpowering cologne.  


Raw Men Body Wash and Bar Soaps come in four scents that evoke the character, essence and life of a man.  Black Coconut + Sea Salt for wild, bold, adventure; Eucalyptus + Cedar Leaf for strength, calm and sureness;    Blue Citrus + Agave for clean, crisp, salt air and So. Cal vibes plus Charcoal + Bamboo for vibrant, fearless and good to go.  


A daily routine for men should be quick, simple and low maintenance.  A Body Wash that does double duty and gives the freshest feel, cleanest clean and leaves a fresh scent is the top men’s self-care must-have.