The new year always brings new beauty tips. This is perfect because there’s nothing we love more than getting our glow on – Especially from the inside, out, naturally.

We all know beauty is way more than skin-deep, and a huge trend for 2019 is ‘360-degree beauty’. This means focussing on what we put in our bodies besides on them. It’s a holistic approach that has, inevitably, been seen on the rise. Things like cold-pressed juice is no longer just ‘a trend’, but a lifestyle. Of course, we’ve known this since forever, but now the globe is coming to grips with it. This can only be a good thing, in our opinion. If you’re already enjoying fresh juice daily, why not amp up the goodness with our Raw Coconut + Mango Simply Body Wash for a total-wellness beauty blitz?

Skin-healing solutions are also having a major moment. After anti-aging, this category saw the biggest growth in 2018. It makes sense to see this growth, being that with our increasingly stimulated skin, products that soothe and heal have become everyday travel essentials. However, it’s not just our skin that bears the brunt, hair is also at the mercy of stress and pollutants. To counteract lackluster locks, try immersing them in our Healing Power Hair Masque. Rich in nature’s finest, this super dose of powerful, plant-derived goodness helps repair and revive stressed out hair.

Now, repeat these words: ‘Minimum effort, maximum impact’. If nothing else, let this be your 2019 beauty mantra. Think polished skin, topped by a stroke of genius: one bold color to create a look that’s effortless. Losing multiple layers of makeup makes for a more luminous complexion, and who doesn’t want that? Start putting your best face (and body) forward with our skin refreshing Sugar Scrub. Softer, smoother skin = a more radiant you.  

The year ahead is about looking more naturally beautiful. Despite technology, the trends are proof that, more than ever, Mother Nature knows best. Pure and simple.