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Giving back is what it’s all about. I am so passionate about paying it forward but @rawsugarliving has completely stollen my heart.They donate a bar of soap to families in need every time you purchase a bar for yourself. I know some people may be thinking “big woop.. it’s a bar of soap..” but I’ve been able to see first hand the impact that a tiny bar of soap can have for someone. Something you might not know about me is that I lived in Uganda, Africa for six months when I was 18. I lived and worked in an orphanage and taught English at the local school in the little village where is stayed. Each night I would walk through the orphanage grounds, and see over 60 young children walk with their small buckets full of water.. and pass around a dirty, old, bar of soap to wash themselves. Heartbreaking. A bar of soap makes a difference. @rawsugarliving you are making this world a better place!

They are donating half a million bars of soap this weekend to say thank you to all of their supporters! So keep on supporting and keep on giving back!

VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY: @brirobbins + @chloeanneallen_

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