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PRO Remedy hair care by Raw Sugar.

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Get professionally inspired hair treatments at home

Now you can get professionally inspired hair treatments at home with Raw Sugar’s new PRO Remedy line available exclusively at Sally’s Beauty. 

PRO Remedy is a solution-driven collection of hair care wonders in the most gorgeous, head-turning scents that work hard to keep hair feeling healthy after destructive processes like colorants, over-bleaching and heat styling stress. The entire line works synergistically to give you your best results and are crafted with nutrient-rich botanicals, Cold Pressed Extracts and plant-derived ingredients to help repair damaged bonds, protect your color and extend time between salon visits. 

Try Reconstruct Shampoo and Conditioner in White Orchid + Mushroom to cleanse and nourish,  Leave-In Primer Mist in Wild Rose + Watercress to help detangle, strengthen bonds and seal split ends. Banana Leaf + Coconut Unbreakable Balm Leave-In Bond Treatment is an instant frizz-smoothing and structure-strengthening leave-in cream.  Plus a Protective Dry Shampoo in Camellia Flower + Agave to give an instant refresh, volumize and keep your color vibrant.  

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Made with plant-derived ingredients and infused with nourishing botanicals. 

 wild rose + watercress

banana leaf + coconut

white orchid + mushroom

camellia flower + agave

leave-in primer mist 

heat protectant / damage control 


leave-in bond treatment 

workable pre style bond repair 


reconstruct shampoo & conditioner 

color fading protectant / damage control 


protective dry shampoo 

color protectant / volume boosting 


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*Due to COVID 19, PRO Remedy bamboo tops may have alternative temporary substitutions and will be back shortly.

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