New! For Next-Level Men.

Raw Men Exfoliating Body Wash at HEB. 

t’s a wake up call. A shot of exhilaration and a full body relaxation. A mood boost and moisture surge.  Introducing a new way for men to come clean with Raw Sugar’s brand-new Raw Men Exfoliating Body Washes available now at HEB.

Raw Men Exfoliating Body Washes are infused with next-level ingredients like Cold Pressed extracts, essential oils and plant proteins designed to help nourish, deeply cleanse, smooth, rebalance skin’s moisture, gently exfoliate, recharge and naturally uplift your mood.
Sandalwood + Lavender is an invigorating blend of Sandalwood and Lavender extracts and Silver Sage essential oils.  Exhilarating Tea Tree + Peppermint helps to soothe dry skin, stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension and energize with added Menthol Mint essential oil.

Take your grooming game to the X-Level. New Raw Men Exfoliating Body Washes are available at HEB. Shop now!

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